Horvath Design Displayed at Olympics

The Horvath design on display during the upcoming Olympic Games.

Phillipe Horvath, a Laguna Beach designer, has created an energy saving architectural design that will be exhibited at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

Horvath won an award in the EDF Sustainable Design Challenge in Paris, France, with “TCORE,” a modular design of recycled aluminum that is the basis for a home for an eco-minded family of four.  TCORE is a 238 square foot structure that contains a utility core, kitchen and bath with integral solar panels. With TCORE providing the technical and mechanical features of the home in a pre-fabricated, easily transportable module, the design of the other living areas and bedrooms can vary by region and culture.  Each home can be designed to respond to local site conditions, climate and availability of materials.

Horvath has designed and built new homes, remodels and interiors locally and in San Diego.

For info:  visit www.PhillipeHorvath.com

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