Hospital Patient Ends Their Own Life

The Laguna Beach campus of Mission Hospital
The Laguna Beach campus of Mission Hospital

An effort by hospital personnel to save a patient from an apparent suicide attempt at Mission Hospital Laguna Beach was unsuccessful, police and hospital officials reported Tuesday, April 17.

Such a tragedy is a rare occurrence, which last occurred at the facility in 2009, said hospital spokeswoman Deb Franko. “We go to great lengths to prevent this from happening by making rooms as safe an environment as possible,” she said.

A hospital team initiated resuscitation efforts at 4 a.m., but were unsuccessful, Franko said. The male patient was not further identified and no details of the incident released.

Nor would Franko say to what hospital department the patient had been admitted.

Besides providing traditional emergency and intensive care, the hospital also accepts patients for mental health, behavioral health and chemical dependency needs.

Hospital personnel follow a range of protocols to check on patients if they are considered a suicide risk, she said.

“We are deeply saddened by this incident and our deepest sympathies are with the patient’s family, loved ones and the community,” said Franko, adding that the hospital is providing on-site counselors for the patient’s family and staff.

The suicide prompted hospital officials to initiate both internal and external investigations, including notification of the state Department of Health, to review procedures and evaluate the room environment, Franko said.


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