In Defense of Blue and White Buses


I’d like to throw in my two cents regarding the recent debate on the worthiness of the blue and white shuttles.

My wife and I frequently take the last shuttle down from our house on Friday or Saturday evenings, and

take a cab back up the hill. We spend hundreds of dollars at local restaurants.  We buy taxi vouchers to try to take advantage of the city subsidy program, but sadly the most prevalent cabs do not accept the

vouchers, so we wind up paying full rate.  Eliminating the 75-cent shuttles as one reader suggested and putting more subsidies into the cab program will

not only make our transportation more expensive, it will likely increase the cost for us.

In addition, when we have out of town guests, we like to send them to town on the shuttles, to alleviate the parking problems. Having access to these

shuttles is a great benefit to us.

Finally, perhaps the shuttles would be more popular if more residents knew about the wonderful Laguna Beach app, which includes a bus tracker, developed

by the Visitor’s Bureau and available for free at the App store.


Tim Templeton, Laguna Beach

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