In Loving Memory: Stacey Garmshausen (Thomas) 


March 3, 1965 – February 17, 2024   

Stacey Garmshausen (Thomas), 58, passed away in Kailua, Hawaii, on Saturday, February 17, 2024, after suffering a brain hemorrhage. Her unexpected passing has left us all in shock, and we are devastated by the loss. 

Born March 3, 1965, in Laguna Beach, Calif., Stacey grew up on the sandy beaches of Southern California and Mexico. She was an avid beach lover and sunshine fanatic her entire life. In the mid-eighties, she met her wild and crazy match, Laguna native Jon Garmshausen. He was the love of her life, and in July of 1989, the pair married. They raised their family of two kids, Chelsea and Calvin, in Laguna Beach, where Stacey lived the majority of her life. 

Stacey was all love and pure joy. She had a beautiful way of lightening the mood, yet also livelied up a place with her signature laugh. Her creativity radiated from the way she dressed, the jewelry and art she made, to the everlasting love she shared. Family was always number one to Stacey. Her main obsession in life was her kids, whom she spoiled endlessly and loved fiercely. Being a close parent and friend to Chelsea and Calvin came easy — she parented from her heart, letting her affection, support, and selflessness build an unshakable bond with both. That love extended to her late mom, Joanne, and sister Karly, two of the strongest and most influential women to her. Stacey’s warm heart drew in many, and she collected amazing friends throughout her life, a large number of whom also became like family.  

Stacey was also an animal lover. From guinea pigs to dogs, there was always a furry creature being loved up by Stacey. The Garmshausen family dog, a black lab named Midnight, was a spontaneous rescue who brought a full 15 years of joy, silliness and love to their household. Olive and Ed, her two cats who also shared her island life, brought her lots of giggles and made it their mission to keep Stacey on her toes. 

In her younger years, Stacey was quite infamously known as a wild child. She ran her old Volvo through the gate at Monarch Bay (on multiple occasions), made frequent stops at the Dirty Bird, and ripped up the town with her bestie and partner-in-crime, Tania. Stacey almost always got caught for her escapades, which was celebrated by her younger brother, Brad, who seldom did. 

Always one for an adventure, Stacey finally cashed in her dream of living in Kailua and moved to Oahu seven years ago. As a jewelry designer, she found inspiration in the community’s tropical habitat and happy outlook. Tying in her love of the ocean, she soon expanded her business to include environmental art crafted from microplastics and other objects she salvaged on local beaches. Stacey’s art and jewelry were exhibited and sold throughout the islands, and her passion for a healthier environment led her to the Kokua Hawaii Foundation, where she participated in their Plastic Free programs. Her fondness for Hawaiian culture and lifestyle ran deep — she immersed herself in her community, taught sustainable art to students at Le Jardin, and was known as a local artist and friend to many.  

Stacey’s strength was unmatched. She won her arduous battle with breast cancer, emphasizing her positive outlook and affinity for living each moment wholeheartedly. She realized the fragility of life, which inspired her to finally follow her heart to Hawaii. She was highly imaginative and visionary, sensitive, empathetic, compassionate, and sweet, always giving all of herself to those she loved and a heartfelt hug to those who needed it. She shared her spirit in her art and was often seen taking off her latest jewelry creations to gift to the person who was admiring it. 

Stacey will be remembered most notably as “The Best Auntie Ever,” “Crazy Auntie,” and, of course, “Best Mom and Best Friend” to her kids. She was the embodiment of love, and her light will be missed by everyone who knew her. 

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