KelpFest Celebration Spotlights Laguna’s Unique Coastline

A Laguna BlueBelt Coalition volunteer chats with a young attendee during the 13th Annual Laguna KelpFest, hosted by the Laguna Ocean Foundation. Photo/Jim Collins

The annual KelpFest festival hit Main Beach last Saturday, June 3 to celebrate Laguna Beach’s unique shoreline, vital coastal resources and the kelp that supports them. The free festival featured music, activities, informational booths, games and art.

Highlights this year included live art creation, ukulele performances by the Seaside Serenaders and edible kelp snacks. After the festival, Laguna Beach Beer Company hosted an after party.

Photos/Jim Collins

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  1. Laguna’s kelp forests, like land forests, are essential for mitigating climate change by shading the sea floor while providing us with oxygen and shelter for sea life in Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). The ocean determines the climate. We determine the health of the ocean. Let’s end careless ocean discharges of Laguna’s wasted wastewater. You are the solution to ocean pollution.

  2. It is wonderful to have Charlotte’s warm enthusiasm spreading the word about the value of Laguna’s kelp forests. Kelp forests are mostly invisible, so KelpFest brings awareness to shore.
    Kelp forests need cool, clear water to thrive in a healthy ocean. The ocean determines the climate and we determine the health of the ocean. Let’s end Laguna’s daily secondary sewage discharges just 1.5 miles offshore by bringing recycled water to Laguna. You are the solution to ocean pollution and restoring Laguna’s iconic kelp forests.


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