Kudos for a City Service Geared to Locals



In recent years the city has made a few life-changing improvements for residents (free summer trolley service, no left-hand turns from Coast Highway on several streets – both thanks to Councilmember Iseman).

The most recent improvement is traffic alerts via text message. I love this service. Four or five times weekly I receive a text letting me know of a traffic delay due to unexpected circumstances, i.e. traffic accident, fire response, road work, etc., including an estimate of how long the delay is expected and often followed by a text indicating “all-clear.”

This is one great idea that makes Laguna resident-life oh-so-much nicer.

Kudos to the staff member or official who put this in place.  Great job!

If you have not signed up, follow this link:  http://www.lagunabeachcity.net/portal/default.asp


Meg Monahan, Laguna Beach

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