Laguna Already Does Its Share

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I am 100% in support of the decision by the City of Laguna Beach to fight the latest ACLU lawsuit. The homeless situation in Laguna is indeed a major problem and I believe Laguna Beach has gone above and beyond in their efforts to assist the homeless population.

I am a resident of North Laguna and wrote a letter to the city council in 2009 to address the severe homeless situation in Heisler Park, which rendered the park virtually unusable by the citizens of Laguna Beach.

The city’s decision to provide services at that time and the ability of the police to enforce vagrancy, drunk in public and decency laws made a huge difference. The city created a place for the homeless to get off the street and hopefully get help to get back on their feet. Unfortunately the homeless population has continued to grow and the answer is not for the City of Laguna to continue to build them housing. Laguna Beach has and continues to do their share and the ACLU needs to recognize this and use their resources to help the homeless not punish the citizens of Laguna Beach.  Thank you.

Bill Robertson, Laguna Beach

This letter was also addressed to council members.

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