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Ruth Yunker

It’s Been Swell

Five years ago Andrea Adelson, the Indy’s wonderful editor, said yes to an idea I had for a column about Laguna Beach. And so it was, Laguna Observed was born, and except for the yearly trips to the Midwest and Paris, I got to babble on about darling Laguna every other week.
It is now time for me to close up the Laguna Observed shop.  I’ve written a book about my Paris adventures called “Me, Myself And Paris,” and getting my book out there has swept me out the door. At the same time I’m writing the sequel, and I have a new blog, Everyday Is Travel.  These are demanding my attention as well.   The column has begun to get short shrift–
Well, I can’t have that.  The Indy is a fab paper, and deserves its writers to be fully present.
So, my Laguna friends, sayonara, adios, au revoir, aloha, ciao, auf weidersehn, and good bye.  That is, in the pages of this newspaper. Otherwise, I’m still very much around, with Zinc forever being my favorite watering hole, especially on Friday mornings. And the dog park on the Canyon Road still being my favorite place to covet to be legitimately…because one of these days there will be a real live dog in my life.
Ruth Yunker’s book “Me, Myself And Paris” is available on, Kindle, and Barnes and Visit Ruth’s website and blog at

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