Laguna Residents’ Parade Brings Easter Cheer to Neighbors

The Easter car parade rolls up Santa Ana Street in Arch Beach Heights on April 12. Courtesy of Margie Pettit

A group of Laguna Beach residents hopped into the holiday spirit by organizing a parade of about 20 cars Easter Sunday to instill some joy in neighbors isolated at home due to the coronavirus.

Parade masterminds Cara Holtschneider, Kirsten Rogers, and Carol Kennedy were inspired to launch the parade three weeks ago after participating in a similar event in Arch Beach Heights to celebrate the 50th birthday of local musician Tommy Benson.

“It gives you a little bit of a sense of joy to do something that brings joy to someone else’s face,” Holtschneider said.

After hearing the column of cars honking after 11 a.m., many robe- and pajama-wearing families filed out to their driveways, balconies, and windows to wave at the parade participants.

The mobile celebration hit Alta Laguna Boulevard, Temple Hills Drive, Catalina Street, Oak Street, Bluebird Canyon Road, Summit Drive, Capistrano Avenue, Noria Street, and Moulton Meadows Park. As a few

Among the parade’s standouts was a Mini Cooper with artificial turf draped over the hoot to create an Easter egg hunt complete with stuffed rabbits.

Rogers was grateful to be a part of the parade that helped give her neighbors relief from being cooped up in their homes. She also acknowledged that it helped her children connect with friends at a distance.

“It was a nice thing to do to get the kids out when we have to be conscious about social-distancing,” Rogers said.

Top of the World resident Janis Murray wrote in an email that she was driving away from her home to find coffee Sunday when she stumbled upon the parade. Murray decided to follow them on the 10-mile trek through Laguna Beach neighborhoods.

“Some seniors in bathrobes on the sidewalk were even observed crying,” she wrote. “We looked them in the eye and blew them kisses.”

John Rogers and his daughter Rosie, 10, ride in a decorated Jeep during the Easter parade on April 12. Courtesy of Kirsten Rogers
A Tesla owner showed their Easter spirit by installing rabbit ears for the parade on April 12. Courtesy of Janis Murray
Maryann Minck and family members waves at the Easter parade as it drives by April 12. Courtesy of Margie Pettit
A family cheers for the Easter parade as it drives by April 12. Courtesy of Margie Pettit
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