Laguna Sports Update: July 15, 2022



Basketball – Breakers were 1-4 last week in summer play beating Laguna Hills but dropping games to Foothill, Dana Hills, and Northwood.

Girls Water Polo – Laguna captured the inaugural Newport Elite 8 tournament last weekend going 5-0 against a number of top California high school teams in contests played at Newport Harbor High School. Presley Jones, who will be a sophomore this coming season, emerged as a standout for the upcoming season scoring 14 goals over the three-day event. This took some pressure off of Charlotte Riches who led the team with 15 goals. Another incoming sophomore, Kara Carver, had 10 goals for the tournament. Carver also led in steals and Cleo Washer led in assists and drawn exclusions. Lauren Schneider had 24 saves in the cage while Tash Denny had 20 saves.

Presley Jones has emerged as a true scoring threat. Photo courtesy of Laguna Beach Athletics
Kara Carver led the team in steals and was second in assists for the Newport Elite 8 Photo courtesy of Laguna Beach Athletics

July 8: Laguna 16, Mater Dei 1
Charlotte Riches 4, Presley Jones 3, Emmy Hensley 2, Lauren Short 2, Kara Carver 2, Cleo Washer 1, Myha Pinto 1, and Jordan J. Schneider 1.

July 9: Laguna 17, San Marcos 5
Presley Jones 4, Lauren Short 4, Charlotte Riches 3, Jordan J. Schneider 2, Cleo Washer 1, Emmy Hensley 1, Kara Carver 1, and Myha Pinto 1.

July 9: Laguna 11, Miramonte (Orinda) 7
Presley Jones 4, Charlotte Riches 3, Kara Carver 2, Emmy Hensley 1, and Jordan J. Schneider 1.

July 10: Laguna 7, Foothill 4
Presley Jones 3, Kara Carver 2, Jordan J Schneider 2, Myha Pinto 1, and Charlotte Riches 1.

Jul 10: Laguna 14, San Diego Shore (Bishop’s) 4
Charlotte Riches 4, Lauren Short 3, Kara Carver 3, Cleo Washer 2, Emmy Hensley 1, and Jordan J. Schneider 1.

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