Laguna’s Golden Girl

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What a show Roxanna produced at Laguna’s No Square Theatre Friday and Saturday night.

From beginning to end she charmed, entertained, and enchanted her many friends who were in the overflowing audience. She is a consummate cabaret performer with impeccable timing, who is in demand around the world for her one-woman shows.

To our delight she told her story of a childhood in the Imperial Valley town of Ceres where at age 3 she wanted nothing more than to sit atop the upright piano in the family living room and listen to her mother sing the popular songs of the day. Then she would try to play the melody of these songs with one hand in any key she thought would fit–a transposing skill that most of us try to learn–if ever! Her father was a pedal steel guitar player who traveled and played professionally. Her mother hired her a professional piano teacher but no one could teach Roxanna her very own skills.

Another of one Roxanna’s abilities is to always have the audience in the palm of her hand. She had ours singing new songs in five parts–alto, soprano, tenor, baritone and bass–again seemingly effortlessly and musically as she does with her school choirs.

She then entertained us by singing and accompanying herself with her wondrous piano playing of “Crazy,” “It’s Too Late,” and the mash-up of “My Favorite Things” which showed everyone her highly prized abilities at making the highly difficult skills so seemingly easy!!

We talked after the show about how she loves to share her love of music with the children in school, the adults at No Square, and the multiple audiences around the world. She believes and highly appreciates the mysteries and blessings of her music.

A mutual friend and fantastic supporter for years, Pat Kollenda, enjoyed the show tremendously. I, being a musician myself, took such great joy in the entire performance and had overwhelming admiration for Roxanna’s incredible shared musical talent.

How fortunate we in Laguna were to have our own Roxanna perform for us her incredible cabaret show. Our audience could not stop clapping and giving her standing ovations!

We all loved it and it showed. Many bravos!

Carol Reynolds, Laguna Beach

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