Letter: Be Prepared for an Emergency by Denying Your Denial

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Preparation for future events is common behavior. The more certain we are of something that will occur, the more rigorous our planning and preparation.

We know we have to go to work or get the kids to school or soccer practice or the dinner with friends…the list goes on and on…so we plan and prepare about what we need to take along, what to wear, what time to get in motion…all of it.

As the uncertainty of the future event becomes greater, the planning and preparation really fall off.

If the future event is something unpleasant or scary, many of us just go into a state of denial that the “thing” that could be lurking out there is ever going to happen. We ignore it, and thus do not become prepared.

Emergency preparedness is a classic activity that is easy to put off—deny the need and basically do little or nothing about.

The city of Laguna Beach would like all of us to break that cycle and take the “Preparedness Pledge” to take the first baby steps to become ready for any sort of emergency that might come along.

Thinking about the safety of your family and friends is not really difficult, but it will require you to deny your usual denial.

Here is the link for more information and how to register with the city: www.lagunabeachcity.net/getprepared.

One more thing—for all of us who have done some preparation, now is a good time to re-check everything and refresh things like water and batteries.

David Horne, Laguna Beach

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