Letter: Borthwick’s Column Refreshing and Illuminating


It was refreshing and illuminating to read Bob Borthwick’s guest column (Feb. 27 edition of the Indy) about the 1930s Carl Klass home and the family history with a remnant of the original outside wall next to his home Brooks Street. It serves us all to be aware of the many irreplaceable elements that made, and still make, Laguna unique and our connections to its natural beauty and resources, as well as the creativity brought by many who settled, worked and included the environment that continues to attract. 

Some original structures still exist and are thoughtfully restored even with upgrades. Their significance and visual importance to Laguna’s history ultimately serve us well.

I hope Borthwick’s article and the Klass family who still live here inspire others to contribute their uniquely Laguna experience and historical connections, ensuring the past is not forgotten, and that new generations can appreciate Laguna’s identity. 

Leah Vasquez, President, Laguna Beautification Council

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