Letter: Former Gelson’s space could be used for affordable housing


Maybe there is a visionary developer who would take Gelson’s space and convert the building to several two-bedroom, working-wage affordable apartments.

Rotate the use of building space so the residence front faces the park across the street for a nice view. Keep the parking underground, and make a smart-looking back of the building facing the shopping center parking lot.

Laguna seldom has an opportunity to add a number of living units in one place to meet the state-required increased housing and density adjacent to public transportation. Maybe the floor plate of a grocery store is an unrealistic turn to residential use, but hopefully, the building’s owner and someone who knows the challenges will take a look.

Laguna can get by with no more restaurants or grocery stores. We need resident-serving affordable apartments for employees within the city. We want a skate park, more pickleball courts, and a place to put a moderate-sized community swimming pool. Let’s hope a dialogue with the property owner leads to fulfilling a community need/want.

Jeanne Sleeper, Laguna Beach

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