Letter: Library is a Magic Place


Wonderful that the Hano family trust has given $15,000 to our Laguna Beach library, one of 30 plus branches of the Orange County library system. When my first computer burned out, I used one of the computers at the library and read the LA Times and the New York Times. 

The library staff is always helpful, with the south end of the building being a children’s library, including books and computers and the north wing filled with musical tapes, movies, and books to check out and computers to use. 

For me, our library is a magic place downtown where you can come in, rest, relax, and if you like, read. In addition, there are regular presentations for children and adults, from the balloon man to our own Jheri St. James and her fellow belly dancers. How lucky we are to have our own library manned by professionals who know how to help you learn and enjoy the many services it has, including being able to check out books, musical tapes, movies etc. and use their computers – or simply step out of the busy downtown hub bub and sit and relax.

Roger Carter, Laguna Beach 

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