Letter: Local News Outlets Provided Fair Election Coverage

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Before the election is in the distant past, I want to commend both Stu News and the LB Indy for their fair and even-handed treatment of local election issues over the past few weeks.

In a national climate where election issues are hotly contested, and the news media is vilified by some as “the enemy of the people,” we in Laguna are fortunate to have two local, independent news organizations staffed with hard working people dedicated to upholding the best traditions of the industry.


John Thomas, Laguna Beach


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  1. I don’t know what planet you are living on because both of these local news sources show strong bias in favor of the city and the city’s agenda. Perhaps they can change their names to… Say… Petig’s Voice? Or how about The City’s Opinion?

  2. Do not agree..Stu News would not print letters that were truthful about certain long time council people like Tony Iseman, they refused any truthful articles due to their own bias, and also allowed front page coverage of a letter against Peter Blake due to his take on the homeless situation. Many are aware of this, however, the Indy has been a much more truthful rag. When you have a totally liberal paper in Laguna it refuses to be true.


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