Letter: Mancuso’s bipartisan stance on utility tax is interesting


Judie Mancuso campaigned as the Democratic candidate for the California State Assembly, District 72, two years ago, losing to Republican Diane Dixon. She is currently a candidate for Laguna Beach City Council for the third time.

In a column in last week’s Indy, she proclaimed her opposition to a new California law. She said, “The state legislature adopted a law” that imposes an income-based Utility Tax. But blaming “the state legislature” is vague and disingenuous. The Democratic Assembly members voted 60 to 0 in favor of the tax. The Republican members voted three in favor and 13 opposed (three were absent). The State Senate was similar: Democrats 27 to 0 in favor of the tax, Republicans zero in favor, and 8 opposed.

California state government is completely dominated by the Democratic party, including super-majorities in both the Assembly and State Senate. The Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Treasurer, Controller, Insurance Commissioner, and Secretary of State are all Democrats. No Republican has been elected to any state office. Also, both Senators in Washington are Democrats.

California voters overwhelmingly prefer Democrats. Judie Mancuso, a certified Democrat as of two years ago, is running for City Council in Democrat-majority Laguna Beach but touting her “bipartisan” stance opposing a state law enacted by Democrats. It will be interesting to see how her latest campaign strategy plays out.

Joel Harrison, Laguna Beach

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  1. Joel, well written and informative, thank you for that! I am a California born girl and I remember when the Dems took over, I remember the good old days when there was not a law for every move you made, I always look back at that and it happened like a bomb in one year..O.C. was a red county, people were happy no fighting between parties but I guess to make my point I do not think California prefers Democrats or at least what that party is today, which is nothing compared to the Kennedy’s time. I will say kudo’s to Judy if she is willing to change a democrat bill and I will say I pray that Laguna will vote in a fiscal conservative, a actual leader to City Council and very Soon!


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