Letter: New preschool fee needs recalibration


I applaud the Laguna Beach Unified School District for opening a new preschool this coming fall. One of the benefits of this preschool is its long hours, benefiting working parents. It does seem, however, that an organization willing to spend megabucks on an extravagant new pool could maybe afford to give a break to those working parents who can’t afford $1,200 a month! Why is this fee not calibrated to income level? I hope they reconsider these fees and allow for suitable adjustments to these fees for those who need it.

Rosemary Boyd, 57-year resident of Laguna Beach

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  1. I agree with Rosemary! $1,200 a month is a substantial sum that almost seems designed to weed out hourly wage/low-income earners. What a missed opportunity to serve the needs of parents and children who need it most. I hope this can be reconsidered to include the option of a sliding-scale monthly fee.


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