Letter: Presidential vs. city politics


Now that the United States Supreme Court has unanimously decided that states cannot singlehandedly remove Donald Trump from state ballots in a federal election, there is a sigh of relief that at least one form of our government still abides by the US Constitution instead of the swampy corruption in the halls of Congress and current Presidency. I’d say we, the voters, deserve not to be disenfranchised from voting for candidates simply because an opposing political party chooses to politically persecute their political opposition. This is Kafkaesque-like, and the stuff you see in dictatorial and communist countries, not the US of A.

How would Laguna’s voters feel if a candidate for city council was unilaterally removed from the ballot without any legal authority?  

Make no mistake about it: national politics eventually impacts local politics. I don’t know how voters coast to coast will react to Donald Trump’s candidacy this fall, but I am confident I know how Laguna voters would react if one of our own was removed from the ballot for crimes not committed, and certainly without due process. 

Jennifer Zeiter, Laguna Beach

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  1. Make no mistake about it, this is what the “Fallacy of False Equivalence” looks like.
    “A false equivalence or false equivalency is an informal fallacy in which an equivalence is drawn between two subjects based on flawed or false reasoning. This fallacy is categorized as a fallacy of inconsistency. Colloquially, a false equivalence is often called “comparing apples and oranges.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/False_equivalence
    Typical Trump Trumpeter, JZ must have skipped any classes offered in logic or argumentation.
    Then too Trumpsters, like the man himself, use such contortions and distortions, along with outright re-direction, to avoid the hard truth.
    Whining that ALL of the allegations made against him, the humungous mound of crimes in multiple venues over the years, the recent losses in said, who in their right natural mind believes that much smoke and embers don’t translate, aren’t signs of a raging, corrupt dumpster fire?
    Read the transcripts, the testimony of his own Republican staff and advisors, cabinet members, watch the man lie through his teeth constantly, going back decades.
    The misdirection also invokes “the straw man argument,” and is inherently flawed: JZ uses false distinctions, fails to acknowledge that her argument doesn’t address the obvious disparities and is postulating a theoretical local candidate who hasn’t ever existed.
    Would someone like this man (or a woman) with this civil and criminal court portfolio even be considered here for City Council?
    He’d get derided and laughed out of candidate forums.
    Restauranteur Jon Madison tried that tactic, telling big lies in 2014’s City Council race, got caught, unmasked and skedaddled….never to be heard from again.
    Yeah, Trump’s unique alright, but in all of the wrong ways.
    All of this time later, exactly what crimes have his presidential race opponents (including other Repubs) been convicted of, how many civil cases and judgments awarded?
    Substitute “lemons” for “apples,” and therein lays the truth: Uber right wing extremists are trying to turn this bulbous lemon into lemonade.
    Biden is a senile lefty, he should drop out asap—-and hopefully he does.
    He’s being selfish by staying in this long. If he wants what’s best for this nation, he’ll graciously step aside BEFORE the convention
    Both men are glaringly feeble-minded, neither seems capable of remembering names or historical chronology.
    This country shouldn’t allow anyone over 70 to even run for this office. The world is too complex.
    Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan would make mincemeat out of Trump in a debate. She’s got moxie, brains and is unafraid, can’t be bullied as exhibited by her response to threats made against her and her family’s lives.
    A female attorney with great legal career credentials, one with gubernatorial expertise who worked her way up the ladder beginning in 2000 and is scandal free.
    And that “dictatorial country” comment?
    Aren’t dictators the expressed political and physically embraced idols of Trump, hasn’t he openly aspired to have the same powers?

  2. Why Do American Voters Prefer Criminals as Candidates?

    Oddly, I can’t answer this question though I can point to Bonnie and Clyde, who in the 30’s where part of a trend in our fellow citizens to harbor a penchant for the violent underdog.

    Our violent underdog of today, currently running for permanent president, is not in general physically violent except, when he is assaulting a women against her will. If Trump ran for mayor here in Laguna I hope I can safely write that he would lose. Right?

    Which brings me the my question…

    Why would a fellow Laguna resident write a letter to the editor praising anything that could benefit this horrible, horrible man?

  3. Bryan:
    “The men the American public admire most extravagantly are the most daring liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth.” — H.L. Mencken
    I have yet to understand why any American woman would vote for such misogynistic, porcine sludge.
    He telegraphs self-doubt and insecurity, not confidence, hallmarks of bullies….he invokes hysteria to control, a dangerous grift, especially in an emergency.
    In a physical confrontation, wouldn’t he bail due to CBFS (Chronic Bunion Fatigue Syndrome)?
    “Politics is religion without morality.” –Socrates
    Hence he’s the high priest of today’s political realm, his morality transactional.
    No President or candidate has ever been surrounded by so many convicted criminals, so it’s not like he’s hiding anything.
    “Insanity in individuals is something rare — but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.” — Friedrich Nietzsche
    So as they perp walk former Laguna resident Pete Navarro into prison today, he joins a growing multitude of other crazies who were more loyal to him than to their country.
    M.A.C.A.: Make Americans Criminal Again

  4. Good Gravy..turn off the MSN and CNN..this is like the old witch trials of perfectly innocent people, Hey, Roger, are you being over 70 to feeble minded to carry on….Both of the above two writers are completely daft, they think we actually had a insurrection, which of course we did not and after Cheney let the cat out of the bag by finally allowing the tape she had hidden out, Trump was shown to absolutely call in the guard, naturally they don’t show that on liberal media..the perception or mania that people profess too, is clearly devoid of any logic. JZ’s letter literally was not answered too, instead a tirade of MSN speech and complete degradation of a human being. Answer the question Jennifer brings up, how would you react if your candidate was falsely accused by those that have definitely abused the law…Hey people, it’s a ethical question..but no one answers ….crickets

  5. You say how would Laguna’s voters feel if a candidate for city council was unilaterally removed from the ballot without any legal authority?

    Look at the decisions during the baton passing years from 2018 forward where Whalen and Kempf influenced and pretty much used power of monopolistic leadership to get voting majority on decisions, appointments and key city hires we the people either had no say in, or did not know anything about. I guess If you watched, or re watch 1/6 violence and thought that was fake then you’d support anyone including Whalen and Kempf. Innocence, crimes not committed! Watch again. 5 AmericanS died on 1/6.

    Also look back at Whalen and Kempf greatly disrespecting and hatcheting CM Weiss, who could currently be Mayor. Both Whalen and Kempf protected Dupuis from lying to a police officer. Allowed former Community Development Directer Marc Wiener to break CEQ, FCC LAW AND LICAL ZONING DEFINITION WITHOUT A HEAD TURN. Look up the definition of disenfranchised, and get of your soap box. Our swamp here needs investigation. Voters will decide in November who is what, and that election will be as valid as 2020.

  6. Very disappointed that the editor of the LBI would allow personal attacks toward a contributor’s letter to the editor. These replies are all supposedly reviewed prior to being released. This is like most media in today’s crazy times, BIAS


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