Letter: Reexamining Demonstrator Hypocrisy


A couple of citizens have written to express their outrage at the local demonstrators challenging the recent decision on Roe v. Wade. They see hypocrisy; certainly, these same demonstrators were supporters of COVID-19 vaccinations mandates. This argument makes sense if the person were someone who slept through civics class. I am surprised that we still have to explain this.

Last year many were saying, “America is the home of the free, don’t tell me what to do.” They were wrong. America is not the home of the free. America is the home of the free, and in any society, especially a democratic one, we all bear responsibility and obligations to everyone else, to look out for others. Don’t parents teach that we are free to do what we want, as long as we do not interfere with the rights of others.

Vaccinations protected two people. They protect the vaccinated from getting COVID-19, and they protected everyone else with whom the wearer comes in contact. It was a fact of life that a person can have COVID-29, be asymptomatic, and still spread it to others. Car insurance protects the driver and all of us from the high costs of accidents caused by uninsured drivers. Motorcycles helmets, odious as they are, protect the rider and protect all of us from paying for long-term, assisted-living 24-hour care for a young motorcycle rider who is brain dead, because he wanted to feel the wind in his hair. You see. These are health issues not civil liberty issues, unless of course you want to participate in society only when there is something in it for you.

In contrast, abortion effects only one person. Funny, politicians never try to tell men what they can and cannot do with their bodies. Oops, I know what comes next. Abortion effects the fetus too. Please read on.

When life begins is not a known fact. There are no facts on the topic. What people believe about when life begins is just that: a belief, often based in religion. For the moment at least, the Constitution contains the “establishment clause” (take a look at it!) What that means to individuals on a day-to-day basis is in my life your beliefs do not get to trump my beliefs. If you think abortion is wrong… don’t have one. And if you think vaccines are wrong, don’t have one. Good luck with that.

Mike Arrajj, Laguna Beach

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  1. One should comply with the mostly ineffective (and becoming more so every day with every new variant) Covid jab (not vaccine) mandates for the greater social good? No, I don’t think so. That sounds like a socialist, totalitarian or communist talking point. I’m surprised I still have to explain this. Your statement: “….in any society, especially a democratic one, we all bear responsibility and obligations to everyone else, to look out for others.” That statement presumes America still has basic morals and values intrinsic to all Americans. Not so much anymore – its more like “rules for thee but not for me.” See e.g., Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newsom, etc. etc. Is that what the left has been trying to do, looking out for those of us on the other side? How altruistic!!! Try using that one in China, Russia, Iran, etc.

    Millions of critical thinking individuals rightfully reject a NOT thoroughly tested jab masquerading as a vaccine that has caused substantial personal injuries and deaths worldwide. For reference please read the VARES- Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System website and do some reading on recently FOIA disclosed documents from Big Pharma). Worldwide populations have been sold a bill of goods, and we are finding out more every day just how dangerous the CDC mandated medical response and the Covid jab really is. The number of deaths, injuries and long term health consequences from the jab grows daily, and the far greater number of people now being admitted to hospitals for Covid are the ones who took the jab and boosters, not the un-vaccinated. Yes, the emperor has no clothes. Looks like natural immunity trumps again.

    But back to abortion. Abortion, especially late term abortion, is killing another life. Like murder, it should be stigmatized. Part of the problem with society these days is that everything amoral is being destigmatized. There are less and less societal standards governing society, we are running amok. It is practically a free for all, with a societal woke excuse for everything. No consequences for one’s actions ultimately will lead to chaos.
    Under the current legislative proposal in California, abortion would be legal up until the time of birth if it would impact the woman’s (can I still use that word or do I have to use the woke term birthing person now?) “mental health.” So at 40 weeks one can decide they just aren’t mentally feeling up to having the baby, and then it can be ripped out, limb by limb. Pre-term babies can survive outside the womb at 22 weeks. I think many people may be agreeable to first term abortion rights, maybe even up to 20 weeks, especially in the rare cases of rape, including incest, but at some point you have to consider the baby’s life, in my opinion. How many millions of unborn babies, capable of living outside the womb, have been killed as a form of birth control?

    My body my choice – be consistent, otherwise hypocrisy is front and center.


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