Letter: Regarding Feb. 26 edition


What wonderful, thought-provoking issues you printed in your Feb. 26 edition from guest columnists, Trudy Josephson and David Weinstein! Together, they illustrate clearly how this little microcosm of our bigger world is every bit as much the same as the rest of the world, even though we may wish it otherwise.

Thank you, Trudy, for this insightful “lesson” that we were given by Arnold Hano. Sadly, that message, that lesson has been ignored even half a century later, as pointed out by David, who, as an “outsider,” reflects on what we really look like.

I’ve known Arnold, and worked beside him years ago, when I arrived in Laguna Beach. I’ve seen him make more sense in a room full of people than anybody else there. Yet, I’ve also seen the ugly pettiness we offer each other, as “neighbors,” which I thought was effectively highlighted by David Weinstein. Keep writing, David. It’s a wonderful message.

Now, let’s see if this noble publication can keep publishing this kind of opinion. Maybe more guest columnists?: Editors have the right to screen or edit their words. Maybe, with more honest dialogue, one day we will listen, and then become the kinder, gentler place we’d all like Laguna Beach to be. Now would be a great time to start.

Jason Paransky, Laguna Beach


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