Letter: Rounaghi is a gift to the City


It was with great disappointment to read the letters to the editor of the Indy this past week, who strongly voiced their opposition to our newly elected councilmember, Alex Rounaghi. The strong assumptions expressed were based on pure conjecture and age bias, so I would like to share my experience of collaborating with Alex Rounaghi for the past two years.

After elections are over, it is natural to wonder how those newly elected officials will perform in their new leadership roles. We can never really know unless they are incumbents because it is new territory when someone steps up to serve others with civic leadership.

I know Alex to be an extremely hard-working individual, putting in long workdays at the Orange County Board of Supervisor Katrina Foley’s office, while also dedicating evenings and weekends as the Chair of our Housing and Human Services Committee and voluntarily serving beside me as the vice president to our Laguna Beach Democratic Club. Alex has great academic intelligence but also emotional intelligence, which is extremely valuable, yet often missing from those in leadership positions. He has demonstrated his ability to listen thoughtfully and with compassion before making a judgment or providing advice. He seeks facts and data before providing advice, guidance, or decisions. He is a stalwart believer that every individual deserves respect and a voice in the process.

Alex’s experience working within city government began in high school, and his experience since graduating from Dartmouth, he has been focused on creating policy solutions here in our City and our county. Alex Rounaghi’s character is in stark contrast to the individuals judging him based on his age and stereotypical assumptions.

Alex did not win this election with the “millennial or developers” vote. In fact, he won the most votes of any candidate this election year.  

I am extremely proud to have supported Alex in serving our community. I look forward to his balanced, thoughtful approach to the difficult decisions a leader must make in local government. He is a gift to our City and should be applauded for giving his time and knowledge to help us tackle the big issues before us.

Gwen McNallan, Laguna Beach Democrat Club President

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  1. Ageism is the latest vestige of bigotry.
    If youth is a sign of poor judgement, why do we support recruiting an 18 year old to join the military and train them to kill people?
    Smart (and dumb) people exist among all age groups, genders and races.

  2. Another phoney heartfelt Socialist piece of b.s. that ruined the City. Fact is: She wouldn’t let a medical resident intern do her brain surgery. But she’ll hot air wind bag all day long for Communism.

  3. Beanie . . . Ageism? Is Bigotry?

    I was wondrin’ why The City Council is ALL WHITE?

    Or does Lil Lord Rounaghi identify as a person of color?

  4. Mike Beanan’s misguided logic should be addressed. The reason the military recruits 18 year olds is that they don’t have judgement yet and will follow command and control orders. This youngster will do the same and align with his elders in the O.C. Dem Party, as the letter is written.

  5. The military is an autocratic institution using threats, court martial and the brig to gain compliance. Personal judgement is not allowed and will be punished. Older politicians and military leaders send young soldiers into pointless wars supported by older voters. Plenty of examples reveal, good judgement is not an exclusive attribute of older folks. Stupidity knows no boundaries.


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