Letter: Thanks to Candidates for Seeking Ocean Pollution Solutions

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Its’s great that City Council candidates like Judie Mancuso and others are reaching out to knowledgeable locals for sustainable solutions to ocean pollution. As a first step, let’s upcycle Laguna Beach’s 1.67 million gallons per day of wasted wastewater discharged just 1.2 miles offshore for perimeter wildfire protection and routine irrigation to also increase regional water conservation. Now that’s being genuinely water-wise while respecting the health of the ocean—Laguna’s foremost economic driver.

While I will gladly offer emerging solutions to any City Council candidate or brief them on local ocean dynamics, I am not on any candidate’s committee despite recent news articles. I assume every candidate is seeking sustainable solutions to ocean pollution, so affiliation with one particular candidate is unnecessary and may undermine unity and solidarity in advancing responsible, citywide ocean water quality improvements.

Special thanks goes out to all City Council candidates for investing their passion, time and talent to address Laguna’s many pressing challenges while keeping an eye on the prize—the ocean.


Mike Beanan, Laguna Beach

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  1. Thanks for clarifying your position Mike. Your knowledge is valuable and you definitely stay focused on our City’s biggest asset, our Ocean and we thank you for that. During election years, misinformation seems to spread easily. Rumor has it that I am Judie Mancuso’s campaign manager which is untrue. She has a very capable, experienced campaign manager and she enlisted Mike Morris one of our sharpest local residents as her campaign treasurer. I fully support Judie to represent the residents of LB as our next council member and I am honored to serve her as needed. Keep up the great work in protecting our ocean and marine life. Together we can refocus our City government officials and staff on what’s important to those who live here 24/7 and educate those who come to the ocean and our coastal community to soak up its pristine natural beauty.


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