Letter: Village Laguna Should Take Responsibility for Tree Damage

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Where is Village Laguna when our eucalyptus trees fall? Just this past week, Laguna was littered with eucalyptus branches and trees costing you, the citizens, who knows how much money in clean-up and damage. Several cars were crushed, houses damaged, and another bullet dodged that nobody was killed. Last month, a 60-foot tree fell and blocked PCH in front of Ruby’s, causing an accident. You pay for this and are liable. This is your town and you are responsible.  Our leaders are an extension of us, and when they get sued, you get sued. Village Laguna takes no responsibility and they are nowhere to be found. Unless of course, someone is trimming or removing a tree. Village Laguna should be held partially liable and responsible for the damage and clean-up. It is time they take some real responsibility and contribute to the maintenance, clean-up and liability of our trees.

John Trevino, Laguna Beach

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  1. Tonight’s TV news from the Monterey Peninsula is dominated by stories on the most current storm’s impacts; trees down in Monterey, Pacific Grove and Carmel by the Sea. One of the entry booths into Pebble Beach was struck by a wind-downed tree. A tree was uprooted by gusts and landed on a car in Salinas. Santa Cruz has been impacted by wind gusts and downed trees. USA Today reported on the storm damaged trees in Acadia National Park. Extending Mr. Trevino’s position outward, perhaps Village Laguna is culpable for these tree incidents in other parts of the country. As a Director of Public Works in Carmel by the Sea once told me, “in storms, things happen.”


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