Letter: Village Laguna supports Sensible Laguna’s stance on potential pool


Given its mission of helping preserve and enhance Laguna’s village character, Village Laguna is concerned about the scale and scope of the changes the School District proposes for the high school area. In particular, we support Sensible Laguna’s position on the pool size. The organization’s outreach to aquatic sports consultants has shown that a 50-meter pool is unnecessary for high school aquatic sports unless the proponents envision Laguna as a hub for Olympic-sized aquatic events. 

Furthermore, there is no room for a 50-meter pool without completely altering the character and look of the surrounding area and negatively impacting an already tight traffic area during construction and during years of large events for which, by the time of completion, the proponents’ children will have already graduated from the high school. 

We support Sensible Laguna in asking, as tax-paying citizens, that LBUSD do a professional needs/use assessment by a qualified, unbiased professional organization as to the need for this very expensive remodel. The public deserves transparency and clarity on why the school district is proposing this excessive use of taxpayer dollars. We deserve a cost/benefit analysis for a 35-meter pool.

We also deserve an impact report on the noise generated by huge events on the surrounding neighborhoods’ right to peaceful enjoyment of their homes.  

Let’s be sensible and find common ground that supports students’ aquatic sports activities with respect for neighbors and without causing overuse of the existing property and the potential for emergency and everyday traffic issues.

Anne Caenn, Village Laguna President

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