Letter: Village Laguna Uses Tour Funds to Support Its Mission

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Heavens, how scandalous! Village Laguna uses the funds raised by the Charm House tour to further its mission, “To preserve, enhance, and celebrate the unique village character and cultural heritage of Laguna Beach.”

Isn’t it appropriate for an organization to use the funds it raises to further its mission, including letting the public know which candidates support that mission?

Why are antagonists criticizing Village Laguna and the upcoming Charm House tour and not the recently organized PAC “Liberate Laguna,” which operates on over $150,000 donated by local real estate developers and which was behind the election of Councilmember Peter Blake.

Village Laguna and most Laguna Beach residents treasure our city, its charm, history, its creative and community-oriented spirit.

This is what Village Laguna strives to promote and protect—in contrast with the proposed damaging policies, divisiveness and harsh attacks that have characterized our Council since the “Liberate Laguna” candidate Blake has taken office.

Village Laguna is a grassroots, resident-oriented organization that participates in our community. Village Laguna is not developing properties. It seeks no real estate profits. Its operating budget comes from resident donations and broad-based events such as the Charm House Tour. Its financial reporting has been reviewed and complies with state law.

Your interest in Village Laguna is appreciated. The Charm House Tour, “A Century of Laguna Charm” welcomes you to experience the warmth and creativity of our town as expressed in homes from the early 1900s to the present day. See VillageLaguna.org for tickets and further information.

Ginger Osborne, Laguna Beach

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  1. Nice try Ginger!
    Deceiving the public may not be scandalous by your standards but it is by today’s legal and ethical political standards. You don’t have the right to not inform those who purchase tickets for the Charm House Tour that their money is being used to fund Village Laguna’s candidates for City Council. You claim that it’s appropriate for Village Laguna to use the money raised to further your mission but maybe the contributors would appreciate knowing that this is the case. Where on your advertising does it state that the funds from the Charm House Tour are being used to support City Council campaigns? Most residents in Laguna Beach aren’t even aware that Village Laguna is a Political Action Committee. They have no idea that Village Laguna is involved in the obstruction and restrictions that have robbed the residents of their property rights for decades under the auspices of preservation., Obviously, the residents have had enough of Village Laguna otherwise your beloved Anne Christoph wouldn’t have lost her second election bid for Council and Toni Iseman\, a 20 year incumbent would gather fewer votes than a political newbie. Yeah, I know, Liberate Laguna bought the election. Keep telling yourself that Ginger while ignoring the fact that the current residents who pay the bulk of the property tax in this community are sick and tired of Village Laguna calling the shots, especially when most of you pay almost nothing in property tax. The days of all of you dictating whether or not residents can remodel are coming to an end. What you refer to the divisive nature of the current Council is really just the silent majority finally having a voice and expressing themselves. Go ahead and blame me for all the discord. It’s falling on deaf ears!

    Peter Blake

  2. Peter Blake’s election to the City Council is a huge step in the right direction towards restoring sanity, honesty and transparency that governing body.

    All of us, on both sides of the aisle want to preserve what is great about Laguna Beach and to mis-characterize Peter Blake as having some other, hidden and evil motive is a joke – and one that no one is laughing at.

    “The larger the government the smaller the citizen” it has been said.

    If Village Laguna does indeed wish to empower our citizens, to have autonomy over our private lives and our private property, then it will throw it’s weight behind Peter Blake rather than trying to convince you that “Big Brother” knows what is best and that the voice of the people must not be heard.

    “Your right to swing your fists ends at my nose” it has also been said.

    Peter Blake is not out to build a high rise on Main Beach or tear down your cottages in favor of track homes – and anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is lying to you. Rather he was elected by those citizens who understand and respect “Liberty” which means that you own you. Private property rights are central to what America stands for.

    We are, as humans, both competitive and cooperative. And we must strike a balance in order to live together with some semblance of harmony. Over development will destroy Laguna Beach and Peter Blake has made it clear that he would oppose such a thing. But too much red tape, too much bureaucracy, too many lies to expand the reach and the scope and the power of local government – this too must be defeated. And the PAC that is being fueled by Village Laguna is clearly one that is on the side of growing government and dis-empowering our citizens.


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