Letter: Why Destroy the Trees?

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I fail to understand the city sponsoring the destruction of trees because some disgruntled person feels they obstruct the view. Trees are part of the view and are good for the environment. There should be an ordinance protecting them. On our street, at least three trees have been butchered. One of these is on the condemned list. Particularly offensive are those who move into the neighborhood and complain about the trees that have been there for years.

Disclosure – our pine tree defied threats to its existence and died of natural causes many years later.

Henry Pribram, Laguna Beach


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  1. Butcher the trees. Every new resident is paying at least 1000/month in property tax which is far more than most of the under-employed and long retired folks who like to obsess on what are essentially weeks most of the time every pay or could pay. You get the money to spend on your pet causes because they want to see the ocean, not look at the trees (usually ugly and untrimmed). For those of you with unhealthy displacement issues… maybe just require that one get planted somewhere else… where no one can see it. Like in the canyon.

  2. I agree with you Henry! Trees have always been a beautiful part of Laguna’s unique image. And, it’s apparent when driving through town that the landscape is changing. So sad.


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