Make a Real Difference in Water Quality

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(This letter was also addressed to council members.)

After reviewing the previous City Council meeting outlining the Aliso Mainstem Restoration, it is obvious the infrastructure buried alongside Aliso Creek will continue to be at risk regardless of any “improvements.”

A bad idea to place sewer pipes in a wilderness park is not grounds for expensive repairs to Aliso Creek. Moreover, sending six to 11 million gallons per day of secondary sewage to the ocean outfall just 1.2 miles off of Laguna next to the marine protected areas does not protect or “improve” ocean water quality.

City Council and staff would greatly benefit by becoming familiar with the most basic understanding of ocean dynamics. Daily ocean upwelling and the Southern California eddy currents recirculate and retain the sewage discharged to coastal waters.

Re-routing sewer pipes out of Aliso Creek to the adjacent San Juan Transmission Line is estimated to cost $50 million (half the ACOE price for Aliso Creek “restoration”). A new sewer line will operate for 50 years so the cost is $1 million per year shared among five inland water districts.

Let’s really protect our ocean and restore Aliso Creek with a smarter, sustainable alternative that removes inland¬†sewer lines to Laguna.

When do we get started, if not now, on the right plan for environmental sustainability in Aliso Creek?

Mike Beanan, Laguna Beach


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