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Laguna needs to know what the FAA is silently planning for us. The non-stop airplanes over my home in South Laguna continue. City Council is working very hard on this problem and I commend Toni Iseman and Rob Zur Schmeide on their work with city staff and the task force that has been going on for years. But we are now at a very dangerous point in this struggle with the FAA.

According to an article in the Feb. 16 Los Angeles Times, the FAA has proposed narrowing flight paths at 11 Southern California airports, including John Wayne. The Next Generation Air Transportation System, or NextGen, will replace ground based air traffic control for satellite-based control. They say this will save fuel and reduce delays by establishing flight paths that are more confined. That means this will concentrate flights over a defined area, Laguna being in the bull’s eye. The FAA says they will implement this within a year at John Wayne.

We need to make noise now because if we don’t when they implement NextGen it will be set in stone. The FAA answers to no one. In conversations with Congressman Rohrabacher’s office, I was told that it could take months for them to get an appointment with the FAA. So I am asking for the media’s help, the public’s help and the city’s help in contacting the FAA and making as much noise about the noise and airplane flyovers as possible.

Email or call a complaint to:

JWA Access and Noise Office at [email protected] 949/252-5185

FAA Flight Standards at [email protected] or 562/420-1755

FAA’s Noise Ombudsman at [email protected] or 202/267-3521

Send a cc to Councilwoman Toni Iseman at [email protected] and Christa Johnson at city staff at [email protected] so they can tabulate the number of letters.

Please do this now before Laguna is permanently in the flight path. Newport Beach is already vocal and fighting this, which is why the FAA has shoved the problem down the coast to Laguna.


Michele Monda, Laguna Beach

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  1. This is a very interesting subject considering California as a state has the highest air quality standards in the nation and LAX is a close first for being the busiest airport in the United States.
    So let us take a moment to reflect upon what is happening here.
    When I read articles on this subject of air traffic over Laguna I can’t help but remember when El Toro was at peak operation during the Vietnam era in the late century and the Phatom fighters flight paths. We couldn’t really do anything about it then and we really can do anything about it now because It is hinged on the economy of the entire Country.

    There are places that are worse and there are places that are better and then there are places that are futher away.

    Just be thankful it is not worse , but if you are truly sensitive to the traffic you could always move to a quitter place. Sometimes the price to paradise seems high but then your missing the value.

  2. Seriously, Hector? We should have to consider moving because the FAA doesn’t take into consideration the environmental impacts as well as the quality of our lives?
    A lot of us live here for its serenity and do not have to tolerate the FAA’s decision to compromise our peace. Many of us were here way before the airport’s expansion so should have say as to how this will effect our lives.
    We did not move to a city that was directly under flight paths and do not have to be burdened by the deafening noise of overhead jets.
    We are not at war as was the case during Vietnam so there is not one good reason that the jets should negatively impact our lives. They should simply fly further out over the Pacific to gain altitude before making their turn back to the mainland instead of sending the jets to the shore then having them immediately turn and roar over our homes at low flight levels.
    This is a massive intrusion of our quality of life and the environmental concerns of jet fuel being burned directly overhead is a real issue.

  3. Keri his is so interesting you make this a personal battle but the perfect prospective to my comment , yes haven’t you heard? We are at war, with the environment and Southern California is the last refuge for winter weary Patriots of our great nation and those of our neighbors to the north in Canada too. Isn’t it perfect? Yes and there is another battle in our fight for freedom with the economy and unemployment and all those jobs the tourist industry brings. And yes it is sad that they need to be brought in by planes that fly overhead but it has been happening for so long it doesn’t matter anymore . The minimum altitude and thrust trajectory thresholds are being met, believe me. If they are not the FAA gets calls!
    So where are you when Pendelton Osprey or OC Sheriff’s Duke I and Duke II flyby ? Tell me you can prevent that through a petition and I’ll tell you again you’re wasting your breath. It may be just a euphemism but “You need to see the whole picture.” But if it is a political platform you’re building, by all means “fabricate”.


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