Martial Arts Students Recognized


About 80 students, families and teachers from Cho’s Academy gathered at the second annual Tae Kwon Do Youth Awards Ceremony at Mozambique to honor the achievements of its top students.

Director Jacob Cho, who opened his academy with Dana Sara at 1966 S. Coast Highway in 2009, hosted the awards.

Cho acknowledged contributors to the academy, recognized 10 families who have been with the studio since its beginning, and handed out awards for academic achievement as well as those in martial arts.

Martial arts award winners include Lucas Silverman, Mikey Ibrahim, William Michelson, Nathan Houlas, Christopher Drews, Shayne Corritori, Joe Laptin, and Dolce Sara.

Academic achievements were honored, identifying Shane Lawson, Dolce Sara, Shayne Corritori, Brayden Jenson, Conor Farley, Quinn Schrieber, and Jean-Louis Vargara.

Cho’s Academy, which offers tae kwon do, brazilian jiu jitsu, and yoga, welcomes new students age 5 and older.  For information and class schedules, visit

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