Meet City Council Candidate Alex Rounaghi

24-year-old lifetime resident pledges to make wildfire prevention a top priority
Alex Rounaghi is running for City Council this November. Photo courtesy of Alex Rounaghi

It’s not every day you see a 24-year-old put their name into the hat for a seat on the Laguna Beach City Council. Or any council for that matter. But that’s exactly what Dartmouth College graduate and a lifetime resident of Laguna Beach Alex Rounaghi is doing in the build-up to the upcoming election – where three empty council seats are up for grabs in November.

Growing up, Rounaghi attended Ms. Heidi’s Pre-School, El Morro Elementary School, Thurston Middle School, and Laguna Beach High School) before heading east to study Government, History, and Public Policy at Dartmouth College. His family has lived in Laguna for three generations after his grandfather, an artist, settled here to pursue the profession.

“Regardless of age, I hope that voters choose the candidates who they believe will be the most effective Council Member,” Rounaghi said. “I’m running because I have the ideas, passion, deep Laguna roots, and experience to deliver results for Laguna Beach. What Laguna needs is someone who knows and loves this town, can listen to and collaborate with a broad range of constituents and has the policy expertise and pragmatism to get things done.”

Rounaghi said he’s had a passion for public service from a young age. He served on the Laguna Beach Parking, Traffic, and Circulation Committee, Orange County Juvenile Justice Commission, and as a United States Senate Page while still in high school. In 2015, he was Junior Citizen of the Year at the 2015 Patriot’s Day Parade.

After college, Rounaghi came back to Laguna and was appointed to the Laguna Beach Housing & Human Services Committee in 2021 and is now the chair of the committee. The city council candidate is also a policy advisor to Orange County Supervisor Katrina Foley.

“I’ve gained a county-wide perspective and experience navigating bureaucracy to get things done as policy advisor for Katrina Foley,” Rounaghi said. “I’ve advanced initiatives like an innovative Fly Friendly program to reduce noise and pollution from John Wayne Airport, cracked down on illegal sober living home operators, and conducted oversight over the County’s $8 plus billion dollar budget.”

As a Council Member Rounaghi said one of his top priorities is undergrounding the utilities along Laguna Canyon Road to help avoid future fires in the area.

“Wildfires pose an existential threat to Laguna Beach,” Rounaghi said. “Two significant fires this year affirm the need to strategically leverage all city, county, state, and federal resources to mitigate this threat. No issue is more important, and I strongly support the work done by Mayor Kempf and Mayor Pro Tem Whalen to develop the 2019 Fire Mitigation Plan.”

So far, endorsements for Rounaghi have come from Orange County Supervisor Katrina Foley, Laguna Beach Mayor Sue Kempf, Laguna Beach Mayor Pro Tem Bob Whalen, former Police Chief Dave Snowden, Laguna Beach Democratic Club, OC League of Conservation Voters, and, most recently, the Laguna Beach Police Employees Association.

Those interested can find out more about Rounaghi by visiting

Rounaghi will take part in the next Sept. 15 City Council candidate forum, held at City Hall from 6 to 9 p.m. The event is sponsored by the Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce in association with the Laguna Board of Realtors and KXFM Radio. If unable to attend in person, the panel will be aired on Cox Channel 852 or via Zoom. The Zoom link can be found on under “events.”

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  1. Hello Laura,
    Have you met Alex or attended a forum or meet & greet to learn about him?
    I’d invite you do so, there’s a strong chance you’d change the views.
    Alex is not part of the same thinking you refer to. He’s young and has not yet held elected office. He has served this community on various committees including Housing. He is a well educated, grounded, passionate candidate who sees the future. He realizes we have work to do to be ready for what is coming.
    Alex is a policy advisor to Supervisor Katrina Foley. He has worked on issues like homelessness, airport noise and regulations to ensure more safety in sober living homes.
    Alex has expressed that his top priority is climate and its impact on our town, in particular the destruction of property and potential loss of life from wildfires. He’ll work to get the poles and lines buried on our main access roads in town.
    Lastly, Alex has an incredible amount of integrity. He’s a unique mix of intelligence and strong character.
    I hope you have an opportunity to meet Alex. I think you’ll learn a lot about him that could change your mind.

  2. Becky, meeting is nothing but hot air. Prior business experience is what we need. Not do nothing POLICY ADVISORS. I can do that better! His top priority is CLIMATE? Uh, how cares ‘cept you fools who buy into what will be the biggest financial scam in history. My policy advice to you two – get real jobs. Homeless and airport noise issues don’t count ‘cept to uneducated voters like you.

  3. NOT VOTING FOR ALEX, this time around. I like Alex, I think he is a very intelligent young man and has a bright future a head of himself. I like the idea of having some new perspective on council. That being said I think it’s a little too early for him to be a part of this this city council, I think he should gain a little more experience on some administrative or appointed roles. Anyone can build a great resume when they volunteer, but actually leading is a different ball game. To me he sounds like a professor of government / public policy, as we know theories do not always play out in the real world like they do in school. As far as new blood, he is endorsed by two incumbents, are we to think he is a free thinker…..or in line with the way Bob and Sue think? Maybe they feel like they can control him and get three votes? This last point is small but significant, HE STILL LIVES AT HIS PARENTS HOUSE! There is nothing wrong with helping your parents with being there for them in the twilight of their lives or establishing yourself in a home near them…..but if someone cant run their finances and establish themselves well, you want them to run the city’s?

  4. This person is a dyed in the wool policy wonk who’s living a charmed life. No go on anyone like him who at 24 thinks his policy is best. Virtue signaling to the LGBTQ’s.


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