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Randy Kraft
Randy Kraft

A few years ago, I noticed a striking woman with an elegant short hair cut and asked who styles her hair. I had a short do only once, what they called a pixie when I was 12 and in a fit of adolescent rebellion cut it off, and all these years later, I had the same sudden desire for dramatic transformation. Of course, it helps to be gorgeous to begin with, but few of us look beyond the haircut – think of all the women sporting thick bangs right now, who do not resemble Michelle Obama.

Turns out, the woman with the haircut was Antonietta Bianchini, the owner of Vogue Salon, and her companion was one of her stylists, Erin Alvarez, who has a sense of adventure about hair and also pays close attention to her customers’ personal style, a winning combination. For example, most hair stylists might have been appalled to watch my locks go gray, but Erin encouraged the desire to age naturally, for which I am most grateful.

The short cut she gave me back then, while beautiful in every way, was not right for me. I prefer to feel my hair blow in the breeze, and longer hair keeps me tethered to the music of my youth: “Gimme head with hair, long beautiful hair, shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen waxen…” However Vogue became my every six-week destination for a haircut, first in Dana Point, and then in Laguna when the salon relocated to the Old Pottery Place. [They also operate Vogue Salon in Newport.]

Laguna Beach Books and Tootsies, the two shops that flank the salon, might have been concerned at first about the scent of hair dye and the whir of blowers, but they had nothing to fear: Vogue has proven to be a good neighbor with lots of good cheer.

Case in point: Erin and friends will embellish March ArtWalk with a DIY Blow-Dry class. I think their nine seats may be reserved, but anyone can stop by to watch their super-stylists teach customers the secrets to the perfect blowout. We all know how elusive that can be – my hair looks one way on those eight days a year when I leave the salon, and quite another from home – and I am always trying to do better [truly I am, Erin.]2 col minding byob (3)

In this crazy world of politics and violence, recession and angry rhetoric, a blowout class is just plain fun, and a form of art all its own. After all, on first Thursdays, we peer at the same art we can see any time, drink mediocre wine, greet friends, and ride around on a trolley, so why not a lesson in style? My older daughter, a serious soul like her mother, often reminds me that we wear our hair every day.

You may want to stop in at Vogue Salon around 7 p.m. on March 7 to enjoy the class, and you might also enjoy a little leftover champagne. And, did I mention this is a BYOB: bring your own blower?

For more about Vogue Salon go to www.voguesalon.com or call 949.376.7600.


Randy Kraft is a freelance writer who previously covered the city for the Indy and pens the OC BookBlog for www.ocinsite.com. This column features Laguna businesses and business people.

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