MOM Group Donates 35K to American Association of University Women Laguna Beach Chapter


The American Association of University Women (AAUW) Laguna Beach Foundation recently accepted a $35,000 donation from MOM Laguna Investment Group. 

Members of the American Association of University Women Laguna Beach chapter stand with a check from MOM Group Laguna. Photo/AAUW

“This generous $35,000 donation made by MOM Laguna Beach Group, via Continuum Analytics (which provides consulting services to the investor group) supports the commitment to the future of women who might otherwise not be able to further their education,” the AAUW release stated.  

AAUW has awarded over $135 million in fellowships and grants to more than 13,000 scholars nationwide and is one of the largest scholarship programs for women in the world.

“MOM chose AAUW because of its commitment to the future of enabling women who might otherwise be able to further their education,” MOM Entities Chief of Operations Mike Kluchin said. “We fully support AAUW’s mission to assure gender equity and economic security.”

The AAUW Laguna Beach Foundation was established in 1987 and is a 501-c-3 non-profit organization. All fundraising proceeds are donated to middle school girls attending science summer camps, college-bound high girls, re-entry college women and The Learning Club (TLC), which tutors elementary students in reading and math at El Morro School. 

“We try to give back to communities and work to find worthy causes that align with our company principles. We are proud to be aligned with AAUW,” Kluchin said.

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  1. This is before they then turned around and evicted all of the tenants of the hive, 14 west, and the Royal Hawaiian. They demanded double pay for rent or out in 3 days is what I understand. Not an outstanding Community partner in my opinion.

    Feel free to call any of these tenants and verify yourselves.

  2. This is wonderful news that the new operator/owner of the Hotel Laguna is supporting our community. I look forward to other community oriented involvement by the MOM group and their restoration of our crown jewel!

  3. Doug, that can’t be true because I’ve taken friends to the Royal Hawaiian and all the staff were so happy, the managers showed great pride and it was a fantastic evening with great food. At least M.O.M put a tribute to the original owners of the Hawaiian, Fransis Cabang, on their menu. It’s again a great local hangout.

  4. Mr Vogel,
    my understanding is the Tenant has not been paying rent to the Landlord and therefore the Landlord is acting according to its Lease agreement for non-payment of rent. This situation is no different than if someone does not pay the mortgage on their house, the Lender will take action. Tenants may claim to be paying rent to Mo Honarkar however this does not satisfy the tenant rent obligation as Honarkar is not authorized to collect rent on behalf of the Landlord.
    For example, if your mortgage was with Bank of America and you paid Wells Fargo for three months, Bank of America would come after you for default and non-payment of rent.

    Tony Fisch represents MOM LLC public relations – Ed.

  5. The tenants should have received legal documentation showing who gets paid.

    If mo took the money he needs to return every dime.


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