Montage Alights With Local Artist’s Work

Glass artist John Barber at work on the urns in his studio.

The Montage Laguna Beach commissioned two studio cameo urn lamps created and recently installed by Laguna Beach artist and glassblower John Barber.


“The inspiration for the pieces came from my community,” said Barber, who also created glass panels that evoke a landscape at the Montage residences entry when the property opened in 2002. “Our sunsets, silhouettes of eucalyptus trees, views of the crescent moon over Catalina Island and the Aliso Mountains behind us evoke the beauty of Montage and Laguna Beach. That’s what I wanted to capture.”


Made using the cameo glass method originated in Roman times, cameo glass involves blowing the

The urns installation on the Montage grounds.

glass pieces with a shallow overlay of one color of glass over another. The entire process of creating the two lamps took three weeks.


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