Musings on the Coast: Homeostasis



By Michael Ray.

Homeostasis  “…is the property of a system that regulates its internal environment and tends to maintain a stable, constant condition…”

 The planet Earth is a classic homeostatic system. It tends toward stability, which in scientific terms is called “stasis.”  It also is a host, which by definition means it tolerates, is a home to parasites, like a dog with fleas.  The two work together. Homeostatic systems react to outside input, including parasites, and change themselves so as to maintain stasis.  Parasites sometimes help Earth to maintain stasis. Sometimes they do not.

If a parasite does not, if it becomes a threat to the host, then most hosts change themselves to eliminate the threat.

No one knows why the dinosaurs went extinct so quickly, except that it was caused by climate change. Some say it was climate change caused by a huge meteor. Other possible culprits include volcanoes and even climate-induced disease. And one captivating theory involves the dinosaurs’ diet tipping Earth into climate change. But two things are certain: it was climatic change that destroyed their habitats and that destruction killed them off.

A short while back I scored good money on a business deal and celebrated by chartering a yacht in the Caribbean in early May. It came with an eccentric captain, Ken, and his gorgeous wife/chef, Bruna. With me was my girlfriend, Kim Bowen. It was just the four of us and I wanted to wander about the British Virgin Islands, snorkel and scuba dive.   I had heard about the natural wonders of the seascape, the incredible variety of fish and the beautiful coral reefs. I wanted to explore them.

I was in for a rude surprise. Except for tarpon, which are boney and inedible, the big fish are all gone. Overfishing has killed them off. The coral was the color of death: dirty white, almost all of it dead, also caused by human activity. The entire Virgin Island seas are the same: the ocean is becoming devoid of living things.

We were there at the beginning of the rainy season, which also is mosquito season. That was okay with me. My DNA had evolved into non-mosquito attractive status. Not so Kim. She was eaten alive. Her DNA had not evolved.

I do not mean to state that my DNA was superior to hers.   It merely resulted in a host that is unattractive to one set of parasites.

The Earth now is experiencing global warming caused by human activity.   That is scientific fact and if you do not believe it, you should congratulate a host of big corporations who spew filth into the atmosphere as a by-product of making billions. They pay big money to debunk climate science and lull you with their propaganda. That they also make you a gullible fool is secondary.

Global warming is Earth’s version of homeostasis: a threat induces change. Human extinction could be a by-product.

Let me state that again: 0ur host, the Earth, tends toward stasis and shrugs off parasites that become too bothersome.

These are facts, ladies and gentlemen. Deal with them. Or don’t.  Mama Earth simply does not care.  She will be around no matter what.  You are questionable.


Michael Ray grew up in CdM and now lives in Laguna Beach.  He makes a living as a real estate entrepreneur and is involved in many non-profits.

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