Neighborhood Congregational Church celebrates 80th anniversary


The Neighborhood Congregational Church (NCC) celebrated its 80th anniversary in the Laguna Beach community on Nov. 19 with a brunch featuring special guest Jackie Nunez, a Native American storyteller and basket weaver.

Plein air painters on the current site of Neighborhood Congregational Church, circa 1943 to 1945. Image courtesy of Neighborhood Congregational Church

In 1943, a few Laguna Beach residents, anxious to establish a Congregational Church in the community, gathered in a room overlooking the sea at the Sandpiper restaurant on South Coast Boulevard. Eighty years later, NCC remains a welcoming spiritual community available to all.

“Our founders rightly understood the need for belonging in a chaotic world, without regard for one’s status or place in life,” said Pastor Rod Echols. “Neighborhood Congregational Church’s belief in love is strong. With a passion for social justice and equity, we seek to provide space for all spiritual seekers to gather, connect, and work together for a better world.”

At the 80th anniversary celebration, Nunez shared through stories and songs how all can develop an understanding of environmentalism and what it means to be “keepers of the earth.”

Neighborhood Congregational Church meets every Sunday at 10 am at 340 St. Ann’s Drive for inspiring music, deep connection, and a hope-filled message.

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