Nutrition Staff Sharpens Their Skills


This year, the school district’s nutrition department is participating in professional development, and the staff’s first lessons were training with point-of-sale software and reviewing department procedures, policies and menu planning.

Recently updated vendor and food ordering procedures were also discussed.

“One of our initiatives this year is to add even more scratch-cooked recipes to the menu, so the focus of this training event supported this goal,” said Director of Fiscal Services Shannon Soto. remarked We reviewed large batch recipes and practiced how to. The staff had hands on practice converting batch recipe measurements and preparing one of the upcoming new recipe menu additions, she said.

Food service worker Dawn Lincoln said, “Conversions can be confusing. It was very helpful to have a class that focused on those methods.”

LBHS Cafeteria Manager Brian Armstrong stated, “It was very helpful to re- familiarize with procedures and learn new production practices for menu items.”


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