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Defending the Soul of America

By Jennifer Welsh Zeiter

“Racism is not dead, but it is kept on life support – kept alive by politicians, race hustlers and people who get a sense of superiority by denouncing others as racists,” said Thomas Sowell, 90, a Libertarian conservative, American economist and social theorist at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, born in Harlem, Marine, Harvard graduate. Also Black.

Contrast Sowell with the recent quote by Hank Newsome, a black activist described as having co-founded the greater NY chapter of Black Lives Matter (BLM): “If this country doesn’t do what we want, then we will burn the system down.”

In 2020, Americans are fired for being related to unpopular people, having dissenting opinions, or uttering “all lives matter.” In Contra Costa County, a couple were charged with a hate crime after vandalizing a BLM sign painted on a public street.

What is BLM? In my opinion, BLM is the dangerous face of well-funded socialist/communist web organizations intent on overthrowing American society, replacing it with socialism, or communism.

The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation is the central organization directing policy, run by three women, Alicia Garza, 39, Patrisse Cullors, 36, and Opal Tometi, 36. Tometi works with the BLM Foundation and until recently was executive director of the Black Alliance for Just Immigration. In an interview with a university professor, Cullors said “Myself and Alicia (Garza) in particular are trained organizers. We are trained Marxists. We are super-versed on ideological theories.”

BLM is coordinated nationwide by the Movement for Black Lives (MBL), and has published on its website their goal of implementing the “Breathe Act”, which proposes divestment of the police, decriminalizing and retroactively expunging all drug sentences, universal basic income, and more. Clearly, in my opinion, this movement is aimed at socialism, and the overthrow of American society, and little to do with the death of George Floyd, other than to use his death as convenient excuse to launch their socialist agenda, by whatever means necessary, including inciting violence.

The non-profit Thousand Currents (formerly IDEX)  is used by BLM to provide “fiscal management and administrative assistance.” In June 2020, Susan Rosenberg was listed as vice chair of Thousand Currents’s board of directors. Rosenberg was a member of the Weather Underground and May 19th Communist Organization who spent 16 years in federal prison before having the remainder of her sentence commuted by President Bill Clinton in 2001. Thousand Currents provides substantial financial assistance to BLM. Do you see the picture here?

Did Laguna protestors chanting “BLM” and carrying signage “All Cops are Bastards” have any idea what BLM really is? That it’s run by self-avowed Marxists? Where do BLM donations go?

According to Influence Watch, recent audits  show that 83.3% of BLM total expenditures were for personnel, consultant, and travel costs during the three year period from 2017-2019. Only about 6% went to grants to outside organizations, including to local Black Lives Matter chapters.

Is that money put into education programs for black people, like HBCU’s (historically black colleges and universities?). Is it put into economic development programs? Is it helping or just enriching pockets of a few, furthering a much broader socialism agenda to destroy America?  BLM seeks to defund the police. How is that helping anyone, especially black on black crime, murders? 

Last weekend, according to the Chicago police, 61 people were shot, 16 killed, including three children. No outrage from BLM. The prior weekend in Chicago, 106 people shot, 14 killed, including five children. Where is BLM if those black lives really mattered? No protesting, looting or burning neighborhoods down?

I reject that America today is systemically racist. Are there instances of racism? Absolutely. Should they be condemned, reforms made? Absolutely. The US is still the country with the greatest opportunities for people of all color, from all walks of life. But it’s an opportunity, not a right. I reject collective guilt or collective victimhood. I won’t subscribe to mob demands for ideological conformity, and I refuse to be part of the white apologist parade. 

What makes a community safe? Shared morals and values: don’t commit crimes, don’t abuse drugs or alcohol, respect lives and property, reject gangs, commit to strong families and parenting.

What makes an individual prosper? Education, work ethic, pride in job performance, not accepting victimhood mentality, and pride in self-sufficiency.

Where is the responsibility for bad choices and conduct? I’m willing to work for change, but only if individual responsibility is taken for one’s own actions and one is willing to make the necessary changes to improve one’s own life. As Justice Clarence Thomas’ grandfather advised him “Old Man Can’t is dead, I helped bury him.”

Mostly I see from this BLM movement is a motivation to cancel our culture, tear down our historical monuments, historical ignorance, violence, opportunistic destruction, economic envy and reverse-racism, like that in Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone or Capitol Hill Organized Protest in Seattle. BLM appears more intent on destroying American culture and history, than truly improving Black lives. After Mount Rushmore, is Jesus next?

We’re at a critical juncture, our country’s soul is at stake. Support improving the lives of Black people, yes. But we must stand and fight now against the cancellation of our culture, heritage and traditions, or we’ll witness America’s destruction without a shot being fired.

Jennifer is a Laguna Beach resident and attorney.

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  1. Let the rants begin, I’ll grab the popcorn. Since space was limited here is more of BLM’s and MBL’s
    goals under the “Breathe Act:” including divestment of the police, free lifetime education for all including illegals and incarcerated, free public transportation, expand Medicaid for all without work requirements, eliminating electronic monitoring for criminals, closing all federal prisons and immigration detention centers, ending life sentences even for mass murderers, decriminalizing and retroactively expunging all drug sentences, removing police and metal detectors from schools and government offices, forgiving all outstanding court debts, eliminating bail, dismantling ICE and Border Patrol, repealing all juvenile offenses, closing all youth detention facilities, universal basic income, universal child allowance, free down payments and closing costs for home purchases, reparations for blacks for “mass incarceration”, and voting rights for the incarcerated and convicted felons, just to name a few. Oh, and of course, they want to abolish the electoral college.

  2. OK I’ll go: white lady who lives in Laguna and has never walked in the shoes of a black person lectures them on education, work ethic, not accepting victimhood, pride in job performance and self-sufficiency, commitment to strong families and parenting, and making the necessary changes to improve their own life. How’d I do?

  3. You vow, in your own words, to “fight now for our heritage and traditions”. Does that mean that you fully support and condone the Confederate Flag, Confederate monuments and Confederate statues that your hero Trump endorses?

  4. Where is the factual basis for any one of these claims in the original column or this escalation above?
    The Indy is actually giving space to the worst fear-mongering of the endemic but shrinking racist elements of the OC. It is not even being “fair and balanced,” it is giving a platform to extremism that used to be relegated to unedited and unchecked internet ranting.
    Factually: The population of Orange County is less than 2% African American yet the torch and pitchfork contingent would like everyone to believe the end is near.
    Why? Here are the rest of the facts: OC is 34% Hispanic, 19.2% Asian and 42% Caucasian. We people of color, are in fact, the majority. It is time for all of us to get along and for everyone to stop demonizing others and trading on fear to foment prejudice and violence.
    Stop calling 911 and go talk to that neighbor who is being too noisy, or falling asleep in the drive-up line or out walking while black — or Hispanic. Don’t tolerate your police officers using fake Chinese accents when they pull over an Asian driver. Require that the Laguna police department reflect the demographics of the city, starting with becoming 51% female, not just the figurehead chief. And notice who is sitting at the bus stops, serving the food, cleaning the houses and walking the dogs. Pay them more than you think ‘they deserve’ or you ‘can afford.’
    Look at everyone as your fellow human being. Please.

  5. Billy F. You call out Ms. Zeiter as “white lady who lives in Laguna and has never walked in the shoes of a black person.”
    What about all the black women/mothers, black teacher, black pastors, black politicians, black lecturers, black PhD’s, black activists, black sociologists, black leaders (specifically MLK), black actors, black business people, etc., who individually and collectively over the last 50+ years have pleaded with their own black communities and citizens and parishes and schools and businesses etc., that the solutions to helping the black man, black woman, black child attain their own personal self esteem and full their potential in life specifically involves “education, work ethic, not accepting victimhood, pride in job performance and self-sufficiency, commitment to strong families and parenting, and making the necessary changes to improve their own life.” How’d I/you do, Billy?

  6. Kiku – The indy editor scrupulously made me fact check and cite everything I wrote in the column. Do you your own research. Not fear mongering but hard core facts, the ones you wont’ see on CNN and other main stream media diatribes. Start taking responsibility for your own actions, quit the entitlements. Read the Breathe Act. I’ts not about black lives, its about socialism/communism and overthrowing American society. Thats the facts, plain and simple and these organizations do not shy away from stating their true purposes themselves.

    Bill Fried, your comments aren’t worth a response. Jesus man, stop pandering. Since you won’t listen to a white woman because I’m white (racist in itself), try listening to a black man. Is he racist too?

    “Leo Terrell on frustration with left’s failure to call out rioters, says Black Lives Matter is disingenuous
    Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell joins Mark Levin on ‘Life, Liberty & Levin’ to discuss state of race relations, police reform in America.”


  7. I call on Daniel Langhorne to confirm your claim of fact checking and to detail what steps he required you to take to substantiate your ‘facts’ and please cite credible sources outside Fox News apart perhaps from Chris Wallace.


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