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Exploring Your Sixth Sense

By Susan McNeal Velasquez

The topic of sex and the topic of intuition have a lot in common.

I decided to write and produce intuition-mentoring workshops 27 years ago titled: Unleash The Power of Your Intuition. The new series was received with genuine curiosity and is still popular today.

Intuition wasn’t a common topic of personal growth seminars. It was received very similarly to the way healthy adolescents approach learning about sex. The topic of intuition, like sex, sparks curiosity, seems like it might be complicated to learn but once you include it into your life, it will transform your sense of self and everything that you perceive from then on.

Today, intuition is much more common as a topic that people claim knowledge of and expertise in. As a result, intuition is now shackled with some of the same misunderstandings that abound regarding sexuality.

Everyone has the ability to be sexual and to be intuitive. Sex is the usual requirement for procreation. Intuition is required to create new insights and ideas.

Sensuality, the awakening of and right use of our five senses, produces a sixth sense. This sixth sense, intuition, is the blending of the five senses working together to form heightened insights and new awareness.

The awakening of right use of your five senses, expressed physically, creates sexual expression. Intuition, like sex, exists as a force of nature. It just is. You can amass all the tools and tricks that can be passed off as an otherworldly ability to receive extraordinary information, but that is often empty posturing to establish an elevated power-over position.“I know and have access to information that you don’t” is often image management, not intuitive knowledge. 

Over the top “I’m too sexy for my hair” posturing is usually a similar attempt to gain elevated status as extraordinary in the physical realm.

If we approach both intuition and sexuality with honor and respect since both have the power to create through conception, here are some of the attitudes that can yield increased connection to your intuition.

Celebrate the unknown. It takes courage to stay open and receptive to the reality that what will happen next is unknown. It takes alert, awake intention to approach both your life and your relationships as a mystery and an adventure that is happening moment by moment.

Let down. Soften your hold on believing your habitual story about how your life is or isn’t going. Let go of relentlessly striving to make things happen. Breathe out. Let down. Come back to your senses. New insights and a fresh perspective will begin to form in the void that is created when you stop pushing and aggressively prodding life to make whatever you are “lusting” after happen for you.

Restore your innocence. Elevate lightheartedness to a sacred place. Despair grows when we accumulate cynicism. Open your mind and soften your heart to the present moment.

Strengthen your resolve to thrive. Renew and revitalize your connection with your five senses so that you can activate your innate ability to conceive and create your world through your sixth sense.

Embracing these four attitudes will give you a new starting point so that you can begin again, renewed and refreshed. The adventure starts as you claim your own personal life path, creating one step at a time.

Susan is a local author and personal development trainer. Your comments are welcome! Connect with her at susanvelasquez.com.

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