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Right Here – Right Now

By Susan McNeal Velasquez  

Have you ever wondered if you picked up the wrong nametag at the registration table of life?

Do you think your older sibling was telling the truth when he or she told you that you were adopted?

Do you sometimes feel out of touch, in the wrong parade, were dropped off on the wrong planet, missed the bus or got off at the wrong stop?

If asked for a running commentary on your moment-to-moment experiences, most would respond with mixed reviews. It was okay. Acceptable. Terrible. Awful. I’ll give it a seven. It wasn’t all that bad. Great. These evaluations are simply the stuff of life.

In everyone’s life, there have been or will be; if it hasn’t happened yet, at least one event you know has your name on it. It is that moment that changes the quality and experience of your life forever.

I will go a step further by asking you to bring your mind into the present and answer this question. Who is presently a part of your life that you can genuinely say: “I wouldn’t have missed the experience of you for the world.”

What projects, opportunities or tasks are you presently involved in that you can honestly say: “I wouldn’t have missed the experience of doing this for the world.”

If you can discover just one person or one task that you wholeheartedly accept and value, you can then connect yourself to the basic rightness of your life. Why? Because every single event and experience that you have had in your life had to happen exactly when, where and how it did so that you would be in the right place to meet that special person, land that ‘I was made for this’ job, live in your personal paradise, birth the baby, idea, business, or relationship that infuses your life with love.

When you are willing to admit that life has, in fact, come and singled you out to engage, invest, decide, choose, stand up, stand out, contribute, and be forever altered by the events that have been delivered to your doorstep, you can no longer sit on the sidelines and pretend that you are not in the game. You have been chosen to be a part of the team, even if your expectations of what you thought was the program you signed up for initially have not been up to your notions of what you deserve.

When you find yourself impatient with life, numbed by the mundane or longing for the magic of synergistic life events, remember this: What you are seeking is also seeking you. 

You are in the right place. It is the right time. Your life is progressing exactly as it should. Relax. Let go. Position yourself to receive the abundance that is all around you. Open your heart and mind to the opportunities waiting to be embraced here and now.

Susan is a local author who has resided in Laguna since 1986 and loves it! susanvelasquez.com

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