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Your Capacity to Love

Susan Velasquez.

Since Valentine’s Day will be over by the time I write to you again, I thought I’d help get you prepared. After all, it’s the official day to express your love, or as the jewelry commercials promise: “There is true love here. In diamonds.”

Feeling a little intimidated? Are you finding it hard to muster up the exuberance to showcase your appreciation so that your significant other feels loved and cherished? 

Or are you presently a party of one in a Noah’s Ark world?

No matter which description fits you, in honor of this upcoming Valentine’s Day, let’s take a quick trip into the past to excavate your hidden storehouse of love energy.

Begin to rewind your mind. Here is the task. You are looking for pivotal points, magical moments, take-your-breath-away encounters, and sacred interventions. The good stuff of life. 

What do I mean? If I asked you to evaluate your day-to-day reality, you would probably respond with mixed reviews. “It’s okay. Acceptable. Awful. So-so. I’d give it a five. It’s been better.”

There are also those moments, chance meetings, and serendipitous events with your name on them. It is those magical experiences that have the power to transform the quality of your life forever.

I want to pause here to give you time to recall three experiences from your past that opened and expanded your sense of yourself as loveable, capable, and in tune with your best self.

Yes, three. There is no room for stinginess here. 

Now, bring your mind into the present. Who is currently a part of your life that you can genuinely say: “I wouldn’t have missed the experience of you for the world.” What opportunities or tasks are you presently involved in that you can honestly say: “I wouldn’t have missed the experience of doing this for the world.”

If you can discover just one person, one task, or one experience that you accept wholeheartedly, you can recalibrate your attitude and increase your capacity to love yourself and your life. You can immediately repair your connection to your life’s basic goodness and rightness.

Simply admitting and embracing even one full, clear, yes moment can naturally and fully open you to the opportunity to own the following important, basic truths.

Every single event and experience you have had the fortune or misfortune to have had to happen exactly when, where, and how it did so that you would be in the right place to meet that special person, land that ‘I was made for this’ job, live in your personal paradise, birth the baby, idea, business, or relationship that infuses your life with love.

When you find yourself impatient with life, numbed by the mundane, and longing for the magic of synergistic life events, take a deep breath and remember this: What you are seeking is also seeking you. 

Secondly, if we are honest with ourselves, it is easy to get in the way of positive change because we become over-zealous in our quest to improve our lives. 

To counteract demands that life do your bidding, adjust your ability to be open, accepting and receptive because a deeper truth is that life always makes the first move. 

Happy Valentine’s Day 2024.

Susan has produced and facilitated workshops in the Human Potential Field for over three decades and is the author of Beyond Intellect: Journey into the Wisdom of Your Intuitive Mind. www.susanvelasquez.com

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