Parents Issue Apology in Racial Attack


Two of the families whose sons were present when a watermelon and racial slur were hurled at the home of a black classmate in December came forward this week to apologize unequivocally for the actions of their offspring.

Due to normal law enforcement protocol, no contact between the suspects and victim is permitted, says a statement from Meldie Moore, a Laguna Beach lawyer who represents two of the five Laguna Beach High School students questioned in the Dec. 27 incident. None of the boys have been publicly identified because they are minors; they served a week-long suspension from school.

Further, the family of the young man targeted specifically asked her clients to not apologize or contact them verbally or in writing, Moore said.

For the first time, some of the parents involved issued their own statement in response to the many inquiries they have received, Moore said.

Their letter follows:

To our Community and Friends:

We are the parents of two of the five boys identified as participating in the incident on Dec. 27, 2016.

Pastor Jay Grant’s letter to the editor encouraged us to reach out to our community to apologize. Part of any teachable moment is acknowledging one’s wrongdoing to the persons offended and an attempt to make amends. We have been asked not to apologize, in person or in writing, at the family’s request. Both of our families respect this and hope the forgiveness and healing will begin when this family is ready. Our sons have written sincere, unsent letters to their classmate in hopes that one day they will be accepted. But we cannot wait any longer to apologize to you, our community.

What happened over the winter break is offensive and unacceptable. We are appalled at the events that took place and do not regard this is as a stupid joke or boyish prank. We are ashamed that our kids are associated with this situation, which has hurt a family and brought unwanted attention to our community. Our families are truly and sincerely sorry. We hope you can accept that this comes from our hearts.

Many stories are circulating, and some oft-repeated details are inaccurate.

This was not a premeditated plan by five boys. They did not go to this classmate’s house directly from the store. They did not chant his name or try to lure him out.

The five boys planned to “TP” a female classmate’s house. They bought toilet paper, one fruit (the watermelon), one vegetable and sardines to place around her house with the toilet paper. No eggs were purchased. They drove straight to her house from the store. They could not TP the girl’s house because it was too exposed and the lights were on. So they chose another classmate who lived close by and drove up quietly to TP. When that house also was not suitable to TP, one suggested they throw the watermelon. Two boys objected and tried to stop it. One boy used an offensive racial epithet as they drove away. It was over in seconds. What was intended as a night to prank a different classmate turned ugly in a moment.

Please accept our sincere apology so we can all move toward healing and, at some point, a return to harmony.

In hopes of reconciliation,

Sincere Parents



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  1. Hopefully this “innocent prank” sends your kids to jail for a long time. Your spin on this situation shows that neither you or your children understand the depravity of what they did. Yes, it might have been over in seconds but what they did will last a lifetime for that sweet innocent young man. Both of you should be ashamed of how you raised your children.

  2. I can’t believe this self-serving letter. The family requested you NOT apologize in person or in writing, so you issue a public apology to the “community”. Because of course this is all about you and how your family has been affected, not about respecting their privacy or their wishes.

    As to that apology to the community. You can’t apologize for anyone else’s actions, so you have no place apologizing for your sons. You could apologize to the community for the bad job you did raising them – but your letter doesn’t accept any responsibility for that.

    This vandalism WAS premeditated, only the racism part was improvised – maybe. Who knows? And that makes it less bad? When vandalizing a girl’s house looked like they might get caught, they moved on to the next target – a black kid. I suppose we should be grateful no gay kid lived nearby.

    “…..We are ashamed that our kids are associated with this”?! Your sons were not walking down the street witnessing this. Not “associate”. Try “did”, as in They. Did. This. At least have the decency to own it.

    Your sons are self-entitled bullies. Your letter deflects and minimizes their actions in order to shield them from consequences. They are future Brock Turners – and you raised them that way. Instead of writing self-exculpatory letters to the “community”, go work on your sons’ moral development.

  3. Doesn’t sound like an apology but rather a pathetic explanation. I understand now why the family of the targeted young man don’t want an apology. This would make me more mad if I were them.

  4. I hope that, somehow, there can be a lesson learned here, for all involved. I can only imagine what each family must be going through. We have the deep hurt that must be felt by the young man targeted, and, I imagine, much shame from the families of the 5 boys. I wonder if there isn’t an opportunity for a lesson in inclusivity, tolerance, forgiveness and, I’m sure, much more? As an observer, my heart hurts for all involved.

  5. Self-serving narcissists. Not one person has come forward stating that they like your “apology”. You should be ashamed of yourselves for publishing this pathetic garbage. Maybe you can try and redeem yourselves by trying to delete this.

  6. It is oblivious the stem for the lack of social etiquette arises from the parents, there is no reason to show intolerance in any respect towards them socially , but momentary compensation in the form of payment or fine should be levied , and if not the minors should be expelled and forced to attend private education or an institution where they are the minority.

  7. He who is without sin, cast the first stone. How can anyone accuse these parents of bad parenting? As if good parenting and or moral values will insure that teenagers will always do the right thing. All people are born with a sin nature. I think the people who are harshly judging these families effort to apologize should rethink their own childhood and show some mercy.

  8. Tom,
    After having been around the block a few times you already realize that some parents are in more dire need of parenting than their children.
    Some times it is the children doing the parenting.
    Perhaps it could be looked in the light of a few children looking for escape from their responsibilities as parents way before that time has callled.

  9. Sounds as if your asking your lawyer to write up your “statement” and making sound like you talked to a priest about this as well,
    Consider this, Laguna Beach High School is just another High School, in other words, these 5 need to leave this school and attend another. The captain of the bully squad should attend jail and feel the racial tension there, and further more, now it’s known what they planned on doing to other students solidifies my opinion in the matter.


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