The Park Avenue Players of LBHS Shine Once Again!


ParkAvePlayerswebBy Kimberly OBrien-Young

The weekend of May 30-31 was replete with bittersweet happiness for the Park Avenue Players of Laguna Beach High School. On Saturday May 31, the last production of the year, Shadow Box, had its final curtain call. Out of 10 performers, five were seniors, and this was their very last time to grace the stage of the Artist Theater. As they took their final bow the tears flowed from family and friends who came to witness this last performance.

The following day Sunday, June 1, the entire cast of the Park Avenue Players attended the infamous M.A.C.Y. awards held at Segerstrom Center of the Arts.  PAP actors performed a four-minute compilation from their recent musical Guys and Dolls. Proudly we announce that the Park Avenue Players walked away with many awards that day!

For “Guys and Dolls” Bright Spot Awards were given to Clair Howell, Rufus Barkley, Sam Dameshek and Noah Shucking.  Special Recognition awards were given to Jack Pattillo, and Noah Patillo. Achievement awards were given to Connor McCombs and Zane Fair for their roles in Guys and Dolls. Achievement Awards also went to Connor McCombs, Noah Pattillo, Tatum Moore, Traer Freeman for their roles in Little Women. Outstanding Achievement Awards went to Tristian Cham and Traer Freeman for their roles in Guys and Dolls. Outstanding Achievement awards also given to Anya Gourley, Ellie Glade, Marlie Becker, Tessa Mansour and Zane Fair for their roles in Little Women. The Musical Rhapsody Award was given to Mark Dressler for his commitment to the community and for producing and directing quality musical theater.  Finally the Highest Achievement Award was given to Lucas Connor, Marlie Becker, Tony Davia, and Tatum Moore for their roles in Guys and Dolls. A Highest Achievement award was also give to Clair Howell for her role in Little Women.

If all this wasn’t exciting enough for the PAP actors, the weekend before they attended the JRAY Awards where they received a record 11 nominations! Nominations for Best Lighting, Best Student Orchestra, and Best Ensemble of the Year started off the list of accolades. Rufus Barkley was nominated for Cameo Male, and Marlie Becker was nominated for Soloist Female. Tony Davia was nominated and won for Soloist Male.  Traer Freeman was nominated for Comedian Male. Traer was also nominated for Featured Actor of the Year. Tristian Cham was nominated for Supporting Actor of the Year, and Lucas Connor was nominated for the esteemed Actor of the Year. Lastly, but with great pride, Mark Dressler was nominated for the Director of the Year.

It should also be said that tremendous gratitude and appreciation is extended to the Festival of Arts Foundation, without whom, these awards may not have happened.  Mark Dressler had this to say: “This year’s grant from the Festival of Arts Foundation made it possible for us to produce our dazzling spring musical, ‘Guys and Dolls,’s with a beautiful Broadway set and incredible costumes.  Over the years, our LBHS drama program has benefited greatly from the Festival of Arts Foundation’s program, making it possible for the Park Avenue Players to consistently present theatre with the highest production values!”

As we say farewell to the Park Avenue Players 14 seniors who graduate in just a few short weeks, we say goodbye to an uber talented bunch of kids! We wish them all tremendous success in all their endeavors. They have inspired us and entertained us. We are grateful and humbled by their gifts.

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