Pedestrian Critically Injured in Canyon Crash


A 22-year-old college student suffered serious injuries after she was struck walking in a cross walk across Laguna Canyon Road near the Laguna College of Art and Design on Thursday night, Laguna Beach police said Friday.

The highway was closed in both directions after the 8:45 p.m. accident and remained closed until early Friday, according to police-issued alerts.

Police said the in-bound driver, an 83-year-old Minnesota woman, was not arrested or cited at the scene. Alcohol does not appear to be a factor in the crash and but preliminary information suggests the driver failed to stop for the pedestrian, Capt. Jason Kravetz said

The woman was taken to Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo and underwent surgery Thursday night.


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  1. This was an accident waiting to happen. For decades the college has begged for a traffic signal to provide safe crossing – not only for pedestrians, but for traffic in and out of the school. Anyone who has attempted to make a turn to or from the college knows how difficult it can be – and the excessive speed needed to complete the maneuver (not safely). CalTrans has turned down all requests for a lighted signal because they said there has never been a major accident. A critically injured student breaks my heart – and I can only hope, will finally be sufficient evidence that controlled crossing and turning must be implemented.

  2. The canyon can be a dangerous place. Many motorists drive with the intent of racing down the 133 to hurry home or go to our beautiful beaches. I watch with concern as I observe cyclists and pedestrians negotiate for space while one-ton metal warriors speed by. SLOW down everyone…the ocean will wait, you can be a few minuets late for dinner, save a life. It may be your own.

  3. My daughter was at the scene. Nina is one of her best school friends. Now many are gathered at hospital and Nina is in an induced coma. It’s moment to moment. I have crossed that crosswalk visiting LCAD and felt vulnerable – and I am a former Manhattan dweller. Shame on the city for not advocating for an overpass. Shame on the government. Is our girl going to be in coma, a promising young artist, for action to be taken? No ticket for the woman who should have had her license taken away long ago? Lots of questions, no accountability.


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