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Tune Out

By Mark D. Crantz

People got in a long line to give their two cents about the Downtown Specific Plan. To nobody’s surprise, nobody agreed on anything. Some wanted more affordable housing. Other people didn’t care because they lived in unaffordable housing that nobody but them could afford. Some people wanted to continue conditional use permits. Other people wanted to know if conditional use permits could be applied to spouses. Some people wanted taller buildings. Other people feared taller buildings would interfere with flight plans from John Wayne Airport. So, city council looked up famous John Wayne quotes for inspiration. They found one. “Talk low, talk slow and don’t say too much.” Lagunans didn’t listen and the meeting went on and on and on about the Downtown Specific Plan.

Next up to give his two cents was a person affiliated with local radio station KX 93.5, who tried to speak on behalf of his generation, who could not attend the meeting because they were at home living in their parents’ basements and it was beyond curfew. He said, “Unfortunately, this conversation, as many of them have been lately, is dictated by the same faces and to me, they are the faces that in 20 years won’t even be here to enjoy this downtown that we are talking about. And while that may sound harsh, it’s true, and we’re going to be the ones patronizing downtown. Whatever decisions are made today will affect me and my kids.” The audience mulled over his comments. Old Village Laguna advocates looked at old Liberate Laguna residents, smiled at each other for the first time, as it dawned on them together that in 20 years time they would be planted 6 feet under in their eternal resting spaces, while this young speaker and kids would still be going round and round looking for a Laguna parking space.

The next speaker was not as forgiving of the young man’s remarks. “I’m sorry, but it’s time to tune out those last remarks. Sure, I won’t be here in 20 years, but my grandchildren will be and I want the best for them just like this young person wants the best for his children. We’re here tonight, young and old, to work together to pass along a Laguna Beach that future generations can be proud of.”

Old Village Laguna advocates looked at old Liberate Laguna residents, growled at each other, and went right back to clubbing each other over the Downtown Specific Plan.


Crantz tells the Indy that his first job was in radio, but he did not live in his parents’ basement. He lived in his parents’ attic.

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