Postcards to Capture Global Hopes for Peace


By Kellie Hall, Special to the Independent

The Laguna Beach-based arts nonprofit TIMOTCA (The International Museum of Twenty-first Century Art) hopes to display panels of postcards created by children from around the world at various locations in September, according to the charity’s founder, Ed Solomon.

Children from around the globe send in postcards to the organization with the theme, “my dream of peace,” said Solomon. While TIMOTCA intends to create printed panels of these postcards for display, its plans to obtain venues for the displays seems less evolved.

Founded in 1980 with the goal of creating a world cultural museum, TIMOTCA’s aims have since shifted to possibly creating an online museum to demonstrate how art connects people, said Maryann Del Pizzo, who works with Solomon.

After an earlier fundraising attempt failed in March through the website Indiegogo, the organization now plans a second effort with a Kickstarter campaign website.

While the Indiegogo campaign page for TIMOTCA says its postcard exhibition will premiere at the Smithsonian National Postal Museum on Sept. 21, the showing is a “private special event,” said Hannah Molofsky, the museum’s special events and conference coordinator, who noted that only curators put on exhibits at the Smithsonian.

Solomon says after the one-night museum display the panels will move to the Dulles Airport in Washington, D.C., though he concedes plans have not been finalized. No agreement has been signed for such a display, said a Dulles Airport spokeswoman. Representatives from other airports where TIMOTCA plans displays could not be reached for comment.

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