Promoting Women Takes More than a March

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This letter is in response to “Locals Sign on for Women’s March” in the Jan. 6 edition.

First, let me say, it is with great regret that I am compelled to speak out against the women who claim that this march is focused on women’s issues.  I do so because I believe that the issues raised by these women are directed at President-elect Trump, not at helping women.  After reading the article, I contacted a leader involved in this activity, and she said it was an anti-Trump activity.  My primary objection is in using women’s issues as a guise for what is in reality an anti-Trump rally.

Second, I have spent many years of my life helping women and am a passionate advocate for women’s issues. I worked with Latina women for years in the educational setting and watched them have many successes, including obtaining high school degrees and drivers licenses.  In my journey through life, I have also become close to women who were fleeing abusive relationships and/or who were in financial crisis.  I have also helped women who worked with us in our home to gain proper immigration documentation.  Finally, I was a member of The National Women’s Project founded by Molly McGregor.  I learned so much about how little appreciation there is in the telling of U.S. history, which includes the accomplishments of women both in the past and present.  We organized curriculum-writing projects promoting the accomplishments of women in history and sponsored essay contests for elementary students, asking them to write about women they most admired.  After receiving this intensive training, I was and am fully committed to honoring the many accomplishments of women past and present.

I propose that we form a national cadre of women interested in directly helping women in distress and mentoring women who want to improve the quality of their lives. To really help women, we have to dedicate time and treasure by making sacrifices to help women by “Just Doing It.”

Dr. Debby Bowes, Laguna Beach

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  1. Excellent post Dr. Bowes.
    I have been invited to attend one of the many “Women’s March”, when I asked if it was not in fact a protest March aimed at the incoming president, I was told “Well yes, it is that as much more” When I declined, I suggested that those attending might want to know, for themselves, what they’re truly protesting against.
    I find this continued foot stomping, aggressive, childish objection, to a already forgone conclusion, to be stunning.
    The election is over, we have a new president,
    Your values do not change just because your side lost.


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