Proposed Parking Ban Based on Faulty Measurements



Re: “They are among the residents in 108 homes on 14 mostly dead-end streets that splay off of Alta Vista Way confronting a potential street-parking ban as a way to improve access for emergency vehicles. The pilot plan would last a year,” according to an Indy article in the Sept. 16 edition.

The last sentence in the first paragraph re: Mary Ann Loehr on Queda Way in not accurate and needs to be corrected.  Your statement that the street is 17′ wide is not accurate.  The map produced by the committee showed a width of 17′ and narrows at the fourth to fifth home.  But in front of my home, 2686 Queda, from my wall to the edge of the asphalt on the other side and the home at 2696 Queda, the actual measurement is 20′ to 20’6″.  The streets can be paved to the edge of the street and was not paved because the city decided to not pave it so now it has plant growth.

The streets above off of Alta Vista with a width of 20′ wide have been restricted to no parking on just one side, which is what our street already has at the first two homes and almost the third home, which measures to 19′.

That 17′ is not even accurate at the entrance to the street, which I measured at 17’6″.

The reason that it is not the 20′ width is because the previous owner allowed a driveway made of lave stone to creep into the street. If that is removed, the entrance is 20′ wide.

The third home on the street has a width of 19′ and then the street narrows to 14′ to 15″.

For some unknown reason, they appeared to be prejudiced in their measurements.  The street, Lomita, located above off of Alta Vista, at the entrance, Lomita and Alta Vista, measures at 17’5″ and widens to 20′ toward the end and their parking was only restricted on one side as opposed to both sides as our street was.

Mary Ann Loehr, Laguna Beach


Editor’s Note: The story cited figures about street width compiled by a city committee, which agreed to re-measure streets due to complaints about inaccuracies by residents.



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