Public’s Help Needed to Tackle Parking Inefficiencies


Members of the public are invited to participate in a community workshop that is designed to spark discussions and generate ideas for the upcoming Parking Management Plan for Downtown Laguna Beach and Laguna Canyon Road. The workshop takes place Wednesday, Dec. 19 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the Susi Q Senior/Community Center, 380 3rd Street.

The community workshop welcomes the public’s help in maximizing use of parking strategies and technologies.

The city’s website,, provides a link to additional information on the Parking Management Master Plan.  For more information, contact the Planning Division at 949-497-0745.

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  1. If the Laguna Beach Planning Commission would spend the time to research the facts instead of racketeering on their own behalf, the residents of Laguna Beach would hear better solutions.

  2. Four years of subcommittee meetings with city officials and local residents on this topic and the PC refuses to abandon a car-centric approach to mobility. Now after 4 years of paid salaries and benefits the PC is asking the public again for help with their homework. Maybe a suggestion from outside the ‘Bubble’ will help, PEDal of San Clemente offers this:

    Fact 1: Laguna’s roadways cannot be widened.
    Fact 2: Laguna’s roadways cannot accommodate more cars.
    Fact 3: 20th century car-dependency created Laguna’s parking problems.
    Fact 4: 19th century velocipedal technology moves more people.
    Conclude: Adopt a multi-modal transport system

  3. I second Les. Nice bike infra would improve business and save lives in Laguna. Protected bike tracks throughout PCH would be awesome!


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