Pumping Iron and a New Pursuit

Doug Reinhardt

For a guy still in his 20s, Doug Reinhardt already boasts an interesting career path: former baseball major leaguer, television personality, and boyfriend of Paris Hilton. He’s also the sibling of cupcake-shop entrepreneur Casey Reinhardt. But now the Laguna Beach resident pursues the antithesis of confectionary delights as a newly converted kettle bell missionary.


While injuries sidelined Reinhardt’s baseball career, he still wanted an efficient way to remain in shape that fit into a time-pressed schedule. Enter Owen Evans, a kettlebell instructor, who helped Reinhardt get into his best shape ever, training for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro last year as well as stepping into the ring for the Fight for Humanity charity-boxing event in New York, which he won.


Reinhardt was so impressed by his own results he decided to collaborate with Evans and over the last year developed a marketing plan based on kettlebells. The cast iron weights range in cost from $54.95 for a pink 18-pound weight to $79.95 for a yellow 35-pounder and are sold online along 16 workouts on nine DVDs.


Unlike traditional bodybuilding exercises that seek to isolate one muscle, lifting kettlebells involves multiple muscle groups and develops strength and muscular endurance throughout the entire body, according to his website, rksworkout.com.


Reinhardt, who turned down a baseball scholarship with USC to sign with the Los Angeles Angels in the 2004 draft, suffered multiple knee injuries that required surgery during three seasons, according to his publicist. He restarted his academic career by enrolling in Pepperdine University as well as his baseball career, signing with the Baltimore Orioles for the 2007 Season.


While recovering from yet another surgery in 2008, Reinhardt was featured as a new cast member in the MTV reality series, “The Hills”, a spinoff of MTV’s now defunct “Laguna Beach: The Real OC.”


Surely Reinhardt will reinvent himself again by the time he is 30.





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